How to Write a Poem About Love: Things You Need to Consider

Writing poems is the same skill as skying or cooking. Most people won’t believe me because poetry writers are still romanticized and veiled with the mystery of their inspiration and arts. But there are thousands of ways to write a poem about love for anyone who deserves it, and even you can try it yourself.

poem about love

Sometimes, you might get such an assignment from your mentor if your education is closely literature-related or just for fun for some kind of school activity, like St. Valentine’s Day. Either way, you can try my advice and get a round of applause from your academic circle or a glance of adoration from your beloved. Let’s get right to the point!

Things You Need to Write a Poem About Someone You Love

To write a poem about someone you love, you must be well-prepared. I’m not talking about inspiration or the spirit of creativity, as you may wait for them to come forever, and your page will still be blank. Feel free to use the following advice from a team of professional essay writers at writing services, where people know how to create anything, with no limitations, for the request. They are quite pragmatic and definitely not divine, yet their works make eyes wet and create a true feeling of the beauty of the rhymed words. Let’s follow their lead and practice together!

Find the references that make your heart beat faster

There’s nothing new under the Sun. Your poetry is always a result of reflection on what you’ve read before. Nothing is getting out of nothing. So you have to find your favorite writers and read them until you find the lines you like, the images that strike you, and the feelings you want to express, but in your own manner. Try to make some kind of poetical mood board where you collect all the pieces that moved your heart. This step might take time, but regular poetry reading can become your therapy and a more pleasant time spent than social media doom scrolling.

After you collect your own top-100 poetries about love and affection, you’ll feel something itchy inside, and these are the first lines! Be aware of blind copying. It hasn’t done an honor to any writer, so stay authentic in your writing, even if that means making tremendous mistakes. 

Use the basics of poetry patterns and rhyming

While selecting poetries you like, you might mention that one rhyming type and rhyme scheme are more attractive for you than others. Try to learn more about them to understand what makes them sound so good. Writing a poem about love requires at least an overall vision of the poetic form you want to achieve. Maybe, you’ll even need to read about the theoretical base of poetry and rhyming. And remember to practice each new form you’d stumble upon! With all your examples, created by yourself from scratch, you can compare them and see what writing pieces stand out and make sense to master.

Any writer will tell you that without a proper structure, your thoughts would be messy and unclear to readers and listeners. Sometimes, a single idea presented in different forms might have various shades of meaning for the audience. If you’ve already tried to put your thoughts in one poetry pattern, and still it doesn’t feel right, try another form. Sometimes your thoughts will fit one rhyming type or rhyme scheme better than others.

Define and follow the main idea of the poem

This might sound weird because we’re writing about love! Is there anything more straightforward than that? But this is a trap for any beginner in poetry. To keep your writing original and authentic, you should select the narrow aspect of “love,” some associated feeling or personal experience you’ve been through. You might think about the love of stones or waves, love as a glue that keeps unmatching things together. Find a bit of tragedy or sparkle of true happiness to write about in your poetry.

The biggest problem with the love topic in poetry is that it’s way too popular. So if you want to impress your beloved with your lines—stay sincere, and if you write for a broad audience—pay extra attention to structure, tempo, and rhymes. Even if your poetry will cause a blast of laughter, it’s okay. The worst reaction to the rhymed lines is: “Well, it’s OK.” Touch people with everything you have in your poetic armory. And you’ll see the result! 

Stick to the deadline

Even if the love poem you’re working on is not your academic assignment, you should work within time limitations. Otherwise, you risk writing that single poem forever. Most writers don’t wait for the divine inspiration to come, and they sit at the desk, avoid social contact, turn on the music they like (or turn everything off), and start concentrating on writing. Every day, from dawn till dusk, writers work over each line to prove that their art is worth existing.

With a deadline in your head, you’ll get enough encouragement in your veins to continue writing. You don’t have to stress out. You have to feel that completing it is essential. Better done than perfect, you know.

Get yourself an editor or a listener

Let’s suppose your love poem is ready. Before the “grand premiere” to your beloved one or the audience, you must test your lines on someone’s ears and eyes. We advise you to find someone to give you technical and personal feedback about the poetry you’ve prepared. It would be perfect if you find an editor specialized in poetry or just another poet to take a look at your lines. Both variants are similarly good.

If there’s no such person around you, just find a friend who likes poetry. Of course, they might have different preferences in literature, too classy or too modern for you. But anyway, you’ll get a precious example of reaction to your lines and be more prepared than without this step.

To Write a Poem—You Don’t Have to Be a Poet

That’s the most important thing you need to know about poetry. It’s a way of thinking or feeling. You can’t do it wrong if you write about the way you experience the emotion of intimacy and attraction. We may leave even more tips to write a poem about love, but students shouldn’t sit and read about how to express themselves. Just start writing—and you’ll get a result you like after a while. To start, you don’t need assistance; you need a free fall experience, so begin now.

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