Women’s Flaws That Actually Turn Men On

Is it necessary to have good house-keeping skills or be independent to attract men? Or, maybe, you need to keep up with the latest trends and wear stylish clothes? It turns out that women tend to have a bit different attitude to their habits and skills than men. Sometimes, those things that the fair sex considers their flaws seem attractive to men. What are those imperfections? Let’s find out it with help of ukrainian girls dating experts.

Women’s Flaws That Actually Turn Men On


Thinking that she is fat, a woman can feel shy meeting men or be afraid to undress during sex. All this prevents her from being happy. Women are not satisfied with their appearance, so they go on a strict diet work out hard trying to get that model-like figure. In fact, only a small category of men prefer a skinny type of women. Most men like feminine proportions and a slim waist – the so-called hourglass figure.

Small breasts

Actually, men like women’s breasts in general. They like that women have this part of the body. Small boobs have their benefits: it’s not necessary to wear a bra. Guys like the look of nipples under tight T-shirts or tops. This is a huge advantage of small breasts.

Good appetite

Women often feel ashamed of being hearty eaters. Sometimes it comes to that they eat very little in front of a man, a green salad and that’s it. But when a man is not around, they literally empty the fridge. Women should listen to what psychologists say. Men don’t want to see how a woman wrinkles her nose refusing this or that food or eats like a bird. Just learn to eat gracefully and eat everything you like.

Lack of enthusiasm about housekeeping

Of course, men don’t want their partners to be totally indifferent to the household. However, household hyperactivity doesn’t always melt men’s hearts. If a woman spends all her time and effort to keep her house clean and in order, a man will quickly lose interest in her. He is interested in the woman who is interested in him and their relationship, not in household chores.

Unfashionable clothes

Many women are ashamed of wearing plain clothing being afraid to look not stylish or not trendy enough in men’s eyes. But no matter what trends are being set, men, in the first place, like womanly clothes that accentuate women’s figures and make them look feminine. The main criterion men set for women’s clothing is its neatness and appropriateness. That’s why men are not very happy with such trends as crumpled clothes or ripped jeans.


Some women avoid wearing glasses at all costs choosing to screw up their eyes or wear contact lenses. Those women who dare to wear glasses seem confident and smart in the men’s eyes. Girls with glasses conjure up in men’s heads the image of their school teachers and there is so much sexy about it. No wonder men feel unexplainably attracted to these girls.

Not having makeup on

This is a common misconception that ruins women’s confidence and corrupts their self-image. Many women are obsessed with looking perfect at any time of the day. They can’t go out without makeup because they think men will not notice them. The truth is that men don’t care much about women’s hairstyle and makeup. This is where the knowledge of male’s psychology comes in handy.

Men don’t notice details. They don’t try to break the picture down into small details – they perceive the whole image. The same happens when they look at women. They like how they look on the whole. That is why a man can easily fall for a woman with a ponytail or a woman wearing trainers and a stretched T-shirt. He will find something attractive for himself. It’s often said that men prefer naturalness and women should believe it.

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