The 3 Women’s Fashion Rules To Follow When Wearing A Hat

Once you are out of college, it is time to start thinking more about how you wear certain things. Accessorizing is something that some women struggle with. Although you used to just throw an outfit together without thinking too much about it these days you need to be more selective. Wearing a hat is a great way to accessorize and complete your outfit.

Women Fashion Rules Wearing Hat

However, it is not easy to pull off. Sometimes your hat will have the opposite effect of what you were going for. When you do master the art of wearing a hat it can do wonders for your look and really pull everything together. In this article, we will go over some of the fashion rules to keep in mind when you want to wear a hat.

1 – Consider the occasion

 You should usually consider what you are wearing and match your hat with your clothes. There is another element to matching your hat, however. You should also consider the event or occasion where you will be so your hat matches what is expected.

For instance, at a horse race, hats are very popular and can be quite extravagant. This is one of the occasions in which going over the top is expected. In fact, you might look out of place if you go with an understated look.

When you are going for a casual look but want the outfit to look well put together then the hat should also match what you plan to do. If you are going to a sporting event then the best custom snapback hats will work wonders when you match them with your outfit.

It is also good manners to not wear a hat that will obstruct the view of others if you are at a sporting event or theater show. You can still get away with wearing a hat if it is allowed but just be considerate.

2 – When it’s alright to wear one

 On the topic of being considerate, there is a time and place for a hat. There will be times when etiquette dictates that you don’t wear one. For instance, there are many indoor events and occasions in which wearing a hat is not allowed.

Then, there are some indoor events in which a hat is not only allowed but also expected. In certain religions, it is important to cover your head and a hat will serve this practical function.

Make sure to find out what the requirements are before settling on your outfit and hat to go along with it. It would be a bad faux pas to arrive wearing one when it isn’t allowed and have to make arrangements to take it off and put it away.

3 – It should be functional

 A hat is also meant to keep you warm or to keep the sun off of your head. Keep in mind that there is a function to the hat. This way you can make sure to find the right hat for the weather and not just one that looks good with your outfit.

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