What Does Your Woman Want From You When She Is Upset

What Does Your Woman Want From You When She Is Upset

Every one of us at one time or the other gets upset due to several reasons and there is no way things like this will not come up but the ability to take control of your emotion will go a longer way in handling an upset.

Men can easily found there ways around controlling their emotion but what about women that are naturally emotional being.

Woman Want From You When She Is UpsetSo what does your woman want from you when she’s upset? If you think offering solution to what causes the problem or offer her advice on what to do, I’m sorry, you might be wrong, you don’t have to fix her problem for her, if you offer to fix it, you’re going to make it worse. You may wonder why. The ultimate thing you need to do at this point is to listen actively to her and give her the necessary support.

You wonder why it should be just to listen and not offer solution to her pressing need, or provide measure that will take care of what is giving her so much concern and fix it. Ideally women are much more emotional than men and that is why women are emotional being in nature why men are logical in their doing.

You see, women have eight times more blood flow in their emotional part of the brain when they face little problem which can yield bigger upset but men see this upset as bigger problem in which he will want to react to it logically and fix the problem. In situation like this, when your woman is upset, you need to deactivate your Mr. fix it mode of men and learn to listen to her, and give her your shoulder to cry on as your support.

When you listen actively to her when she’s upset, she feels secure with you and she knows that she’s not facing the problem alone, she has a partner that offers his support. This trigger in her brain oxytocin, a calming hormone from her brain and help her reduce the stress level she might be going through.

So, what your woman wants when she’s upset is your support, listening ear, your shoulder to cry on and you reassuring her that it’s ok but not to activate your Mr. fix it natural mode that men do have in situation like this.

I will love to hear your experience(s) if you’ve faced issues like this with your woman, how you were able to go through it and cope with her upset, even when you perceive that her upset is as a result of her overreacting over little issues. Feel free to leave your comment in the comment box below and also don’t forget to share this post with any of the social media icons like facebook likes and the rest of them below.

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