Why Men, Women and Couples in London Love Nuru Massage

Body to body massage is a stimulating experience that fulfils a range of desires. If you’re new to the area of erotic massage, I can assure you that it’s an addictive activity that singles, couples, men and women all relish. For those that have little knowledge about nuru massage in London, let me demonstrate why it’s a treatment that’s taking the UK city by storm and why you’ll want to participate yourself.

The Art Of Japanese Massage

Nuru massage originated in Japan. Nuru is actually a term for slippery in Japanese as this massage involves body to body sliding techniques to sexually stimulate the receiver. It’s a highly indulgent treatment that those of any gender or status can enjoy.

Why Oil Is Used During The Massage

Nuru oil contains incredible botanical extracts, including Nori; a seaweed extract from the waters off the coast of Japan. This moisturising blend is heated to the desired temperature before the massage begins, and then applied all over the recipient’s body to act as a lubricant, making the massage a sexy and enticing experience.

Nuru oil helps the masseuse to use body to body massaging techniques during the treatment.

What Happens During A Nuru Massage?

A nuru massage typically occurs on an air bed covered with a towel or using a waterproof sheet on a bed. Candles can be lit and music can be played during your massage if you need help relaxing. If you’re in a couple, you may want to shower together before participating in a nuru massage.

The nuru oil is heated in a bowl of warm water and applied to the person receiving the massage. I recommend applying the oil in small amounts and letting it run down the whole body. The person giving the massage can then begin to perform sliding techniques to create sensations of bliss and excitement.

Why Nuru Massage Is Loved By Men, Women And Couples

The beauty of nuru massage is that is can be relished by men, women and couples. Why do both sexes enjoy it so much? From a female perspective, nuru massage provides a mind blowing experience that gives sexual pleasure without having to engage in a one night stand or relationship.

Female on female massage is often a new exploration, helping to fulfil sexual desires or frustration. As a woman, I don’t have to find a partner to relieve my sexual energy as I can simply use a trained professional who specialises in erotic massage.

The same also goes for men. Many men may feel stressed, especially if they lead a busy lifestyle, and nuru massage is a fun way of unwinding in a safe and healthy activity. Furthermore, if you’ve been suffering from erectile dysfunction or struggling to become excited about sexual activity, a nuru massage may be the perfect solution for you.

For couples, it’s a thrilling experience that can reignite the passion back into a relationship. The intimacy gained from this enticing treatment will increase the health of your relationship, as well as building the connection between you.

You can take it in turns to be on the receiving end of a massage and this experience is often highly fulfilling as you watch your partner reach heightened arousal. For those in a new relationship, it’s the ideal activity to get to know your partner on an intimate level, helping to discover how they like to be pleasured, as well as building the bond between you.

Many people also participate in nuru massage due to the immense health benefits it offers. The nuru oil used contains Aloe Vera, which is extremely hydrating, leaving your skin feeling moisturised and supple.

Nuru oil doesn’t stain and it’s completely tasteless and odourless, making it the best oil to be used during massage. Furthermore, the pleasurable sensations created during a treatment helps to eliminate stress and muscle tension.

I highly recommend using a trained masseuse for health purposes as she will be able to use the correct techniques required.

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