Love is in the Stars: What You Should Know About Virgo Compatibility

Love can be challenging for Virgos, but not impossible. Whether you are a Virgo or dating one, here what you need to know about Virgo compatibility

Astrological matchmaking can be a tricky business. We’re always told that opposites attract, but should fire signs really mix with water? Is the bold, brash nature of a cardinal sign too much for the gentle spirit of a mutable one? Then, there are signs that are just difficult to match in their own right. 

If you haven’t already guessed, we’re talking about Virgos. There is absolutely nothing inherently wrong with Virgos. They just tend to be choosy about potential romantic partners. Is a Virgo and Pisces match written in the stars, or, perhaps, a Virgo and Taurus pairing? No one, least of all Virgos, seem to know.

Many people falsely assume that this makes Virgos prudes. After all, the word Virgo has strong connotations with the word virgin. This is a harmful and often incorrect stereotype. Virgos are not opposed to love, sex, or any other human activity. They do, however, have high standards and a specific wishlist for anyone looking to get with them.

If you’re a Virgo and this sounds like you (or you a know a Virgo and this sounds like them), you’ve come to the right place. Here is everything you need to know about Virgo compatibility. 

Virgo Compatibility 

Compatibility in the signs is not a one-size-fits-all situation. Multiple factors need to be considered, including house placement, Venus sign, Mars sign, and planetary aspects. Despite what Elle and Cosmopolitan magazine suggest, the sun sign is not enough.

It can, however, be a decent starting point.

For example, unless all of the other astrological data lines up and/or both people are willing to put in a lot of effort, Virgos should not date fire signs. Aries is too aggressive, Leo is too flamboyant, and Sagittarius is too flirty for the sensible, grounded Virgo. These pairings could result in exceptionally hot flings, but that fire will almost always burn out.

The rest of the signs are less definitive. Virgos will inherently admire the intelligence of Aquarius and Gemini, but they may also find them too unique or too flighty to consider a serious relationship. Conversely, they will appreciate the level-headedness and practicality of Capricorn and Taurus but could be put off by their detached nature and hard-headedness. 

Cancer is much too emotional. Libra is romantic but much too indecisive. Scorpio is sexy, intriguing, and definitely too intense for more than a crush.

Even matching a Virgo with another Virgo isn’t a guarantee. Although they will innately understand each other, they will likely have difficulties communicating. Likewise, because of Virgo’s natural inclination to follow instead of lead, they may have a hard time initiating the relationship or sustaining the passion once they do.

That leaves only one real possibility: a Virgo and Pisces match.

Virgo and Pisces

Going by the “opposites attract” rule, Virgo should naturally match up with Pisces. They’re directly across from each other on the horoscope wheel, after all. Plus, they have enough in common to keep them from driving each other insane. They’re both mutable signs, indicating passivity, creativity, and minimal interest in conflict. 

Like the other water signs, Pisces is naturally emotionally-driven. Unlike Cancer, though, who can have an even harder time than Virgo about opening up to vulnerability, Pisces tends to wear its heart on its sleeve. Unlike the ultra-intense and even intimidating Scorpio, Pisces is gentle and amiable. This is the kind of emotion that a Virgo could (and, honestly, would) learn to fall in love with. 

As long as everything else aligns, a Virgo and Pisces match could be one made in the heavens.

More Starcrossed Love Woes?

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