What makes sex dolls so popular among the Americans?

In earlier days, sex dolls were considered as taboo due to the associated social stigma, but now more and more Americans are coming out of their closet and keeping sex dolls to satisfy their most intimate sexual fantasies. Americans by and large are becoming more receptive of having one or more dolls in their bedroom or rent them out to satiate their intimate needs with a partner whom they only fancied about to have sex with.

Joy Love Dolls with advance responsiveness

Love dolls are regarded to be as the epitome of total submission with no nagging and zero distractions. TPE sex dolls made with medical grade, skin friendly material are valued a lot for their advance responsiveness and animatronics by the Americans.

Sex dolls with most killing figures

A life size sex doll will never say No to sex, women do, and they come with killing figures, most women do not have them. One can choose from a choices in boobs, booties, vaginas, faces, hairstyles and makes ups for their new sex doll including curvy sex doll, big breast sex doll, European sex doll, big booty sex doll, ebony sex doll, Japanese sex doll, slim body sex doll, tiny sex doll, Asian sex doll, AI sex dolls, shemales and a lot more.

No strings attached relationship and sex without marriage

Like most of the people elsewhere, Americans to decide to get married as it provide them societal sanction for sex with their partners. However, curvy sex dolls provide a good alternative to those who want sex outside of the ambit of marriage, those who want to have no strings attached relationship, or those who look out for the ways to get sexual gratification without getting married or without having any kids as a result of their lovemaking.

Top selling American and European sex dolls

Top selling American sex dolls like Natalie, Kendra, Emma, Johanna, Michelle, Olivia, Tori, Brooke etc. available at the leading sex doll retailers like the Joy Love Dolls are in high demand among the people due to their killing features like busty boobs, big booties, luscious vagina, TPE skin and articulated skeleton that allow them to take your most favorite position with ease.

Also worth considering site where you can get quality cheap sex dolls is Madam Dolly

Braking the shackles of shame

Americans are breaking the shackles of shame about their sex dolls. While ladies use sex toys and male sex dolls as an expression of their sexual liberation, men are revisiting chastisement in their realistic love dolls. AI capabilities, textured and contoured bodies, moaning and heating capabilities, and accessories like sexy lingerie, lubricants and bondage gear make the slim body sex dolls the top choice of Americans. Customization options like big booty, voluptuous boobs, long muscular thighs etc. allow you to have the sexiest figure in your love doll that turns you on. 

Sex dolls to lower sex crimes

Sex dolls are slammed for promoting unrealistic and pervert expectations from sex by the critique but in a country where sex crimes are not uncommon, sex dolls can help protect women from such crimes when all else has failed.

The country’s first sex robot brothel in Houston, Texas aims to provide intense pleasure to men, that’s the reason Americans are willing to pay as much as $100 or more to enjoy an hour of intense love making their favorite love sex dolls. The rates for busty sex dolls could be way high than a real prostitute as these TPE sex dolls allow the men to fulfill their sexual fantasies without any limitations.

The reality is gaining traction everyday

The popularity of the most realistic sex dolls can be gauged from a recent incident at an Austrian tech fair wherein a lifelike sex doll was molested, igniting debate on the rights of love dolls .

Sex dolls are legal in all states of the USA except those that resemble children and are pre-pubescent as these dolls are perceived to promote child sex, so it’s where you need to hold your guards.

Futurists say that it’s not too far when having intercourse with AI sex dolls will become mainstream. Just imagine a world where sex with a AI sex robot would be completely normal!

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