What Key Information Should You Include in Save the Dates Invites?

Saves the dates is an informal and trendy way to announce the date of your wedding. Whether you like quirky ideas or traditional wordings, it never fails to create the right impression.


The main purpose of save the dates card is to provide key information about your wedding and venue months in advance to the guests. Although you may find it tempting to include every bit of your beautiful event in it, not all of them required on your save the date card. Here are the key things to include in it.


Since it is a save the date card, your wedding date is the most important information on it. Consider sending save the dates card at an appropriate time to the formal wedding invitation. 

Send them at least 6-9 months before the big date because this allows guests to plan their visit and stay accordingly. If you are planning your wedding during the busy holiday season, try sending save the dates 10-12 months prior to the wedding date. 

Use Full Names

Adding your names is the most obvious thing. But, remember including your last names as well to save the dates card, especially when inviting people who aren’t very close to you. 

Maintain Etiquette

Though it is important to maintain etiquette in your wedding invitation, you can add an informal vibe to your save the date card. Get more creative and announce your big day in a quirky manner. 

You can also pick a design that is outgoing and in complete contrast to your wedding theme. Though, you can follow the tradition and merge the design of this card with your wedding theme as well. 

Include the Location

It is not necessary to include the venue of your wedding to save the dates card unless you are planning a destination wedding abroad. This makes your wedding invite a surprising treat for the guests. If you are going abroad for the big day, give accurate details of the venue so your guests can plan their travel arrangements well in advance. 

Addressing the Right Way

Before sending out save the date cards, make sure that you invite the people you want on your special day. This card implies you will send a formal wedding invite as well. Most importantly, address the cards properly to avoid confusion if your guests assume their partners are invited too. Here are some examples to help you through with the addressing part:

Single Guest: Mr., Mrs., Miss, Ms.

Guest with plus One: Add “and Guest” to the name

Unwed Couples: Write full names with Mr. and Ms.

Married Couples: Write Mr. and Mrs. followed by the husband’s full name

Don’t Forget “Formal Invitation to Follow”

Write these words at the bottom of your save the dates card to inform guests that they will receive a formal wedding invite later on. This is to avoid any confusion that this card may be their invite to the wedding. 

Include all these key elements to save the dates. And make sure to proofread the wordings before sending them across. 

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