What Height Difference is Too Much in a Couple?

When choosing a partner there are several things you might want to consider. Perhaps you hope to date someone who doesn’t smoke. Maybe you want a funny partner. But where do you stand when it comes to height? 

For many folks, height plays a key role when making dating decisions. Most women prefer to date taller men – they feel comfortable if they can tuck the head under the chin of a man while standing. Essentially, the issue stems from the view that men should be taller than women. This brings us to the question, what height difference is too much on a couple?

Height Difference is Too Much in a Couple

Societal Expectations VS Reality

You might have read that the ideal height difference between couples is around four inches, so if a woman is 5’6″ tall then a man should be 5’10” at most. Any height difference beyond 5″ to 9″ inches is sometimes considered extreme. This puts a lot of pressure on couples whose height is not within the `norm’, especially if the woman is the taller one. 

If height is a concern, you could use this tool to better understand what you would look like next to a much taller or shorter significant other. You would probably realize that the difference is not that shocking – after all, many couples have a height difference of 4” or more. 

The truth is, the height difference is a matter of societal expectations. It’s never an issue when two people love each other.

What It’s Like To Be With a Much Taller Person

A guy shouldn’t find it weird dating a taller girl. You should let the chemistry decide and stay away from the stereotypes. Some people believe that tall women are only interested in taller guys. This might only be an excuse for cowardice and insecurity. If a woman dismisses you on grounds of height, you filtered a shallow person who’s not worthy to be your partner. 

Here are some quick tips to dating or living with a much taller person:

  • Don’t be afraid of the height difference
  • Be accomodating
  • Highlight his or her other qualities
  • Don’t worry about what other think
  • Create a signature kiss

Now Let’s break down and expand on each of these points to demystify what it’s really like to live with a much taller or much shorter significant other.

1. Don’t bring the subject of height too often

If you truly love your partner, you should avoid bringing topics about the height difference. Instead, tell your boyfriend or girlfriend how safe you feel when around them. You can say things like you like his character and show him that you adore him. In addition, you can emphasize that you wouldn’t want him or her any other way. A tall woman will quickly notice any discomfort you may have.

2. Be accommodating

If you’re dating a shorter person, he or she may not reach the top shelf of your kitchen. If you’re driving a car, don’t be persnickety about the position of the seat. If your partner is uncomfortable in bed, you may simply want to consider getting a long mattress.

Another way to accommodate the life of your partner is wearing heels in a casual style. The way you dress can also make you look taller when you’re with your partner. Anything that creates a visual break is a good fit.

Being accommodating is a surefire way to avoid stereotypes that make your partner feel like they are not a regular person. 

3. Highlight other qualities

If you’re dating someone a foot taller, you should focus on other things that make them feel appreciated. You can talk about travels or appreciate a good sense of humor. The idea is to let the A+ personality shine through. Be that man or woman people look up to.

Before you date a taller woman, you should know that she has internalized all the stereotypes out there. Maybe some folks are intimidated by her size. But after hearing all this baloney, you’ve come to her life, and you keep boosting her confidence with sweet words. Tell her you love her and that you’re comfortable with the height.

4. Don’t worry about what others think

For couples with a big height difference, one must understand the value you place in a relationship. The truth is, being tall is something your society will notice.

If you can be confident in what you share, you can ignore societal pressure and focus on those things that make your relationship stronger. If you’re cool with each other’s height, everyone you encounter will see it as a remarkable thing.

5. Create a signature kiss

If it’s challenging to kiss your partner while standing up, you can try other ways. You can pepper his hand with kisses to show your affection in public. This can become a little trademark – a secret code between you two!

Does Height Difference Actually Matter?

It’s a well-known fact that women prefer taller men. This is what is generally acceptable. However, there has been a shift in how society treats taller women. We have seen many celebrities walking taller and prouder than ever before. A few notable ones with a significant height difference are Carla Bruni and Nicolas Sarkozy, Tom Holland and Zendaya, and Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas. The height doesn’t matter; it’s a state of mind.

But here is the catch. For an average guy, dating a shorter girl can be comforting. For women, a taller guy makes them feel confident. This is what boosts your confidence as you walk around the crowd. But supermodels are the perfect example – nobody cares how tall the other person is.

If you’re considering dating someone taller or shorter, you should ask yourself whether you’re comfortable with it or not.

Is Sex Awkward If There is a Significant Height Difference?

If there’s a significant height difference with your partner, you could think that there will be some logistical challenges. But many testimonials from couples with a large height difference tell a different story.

When it comes to intimacy, in many cases height does not come into the picture. You can actually take advantage of the height difference. It could be that the snuggling will be easier and that accommodating to each other’s needs is what will bring you closer together. 

Wrap Up

Height is not always a factor when couples are attracted to each other. But for others, it’s the deal-breaker. If you’re hesitant about dating someone with one foot height difference, the best advice is to be open-minded. 

Besides, love can come when you least expect it. Stop worrying about the height of your significant other.

As long as you love each other, you should let your vertically blessed partner have all the fun.

Everybody wins!

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