The Wedding Party: Tips On Selecting Wedding Party For Your Special Day (2)

Specific Roles of Wedding Party Members

Every member of the wedding party has a specific role to play. It is the job of the bride to tell each member of the party what she expects them to do. Again, the members of the bridal party can also ask the bride what they ought to do to ensure that there is no aspect that will be omitted. By tradition, each member of the Bridal party is assigned with a specific role but you may well check with the bride to be sure as most bride these days are customizing the functions.

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The Maid of Honor or the chief bridesmaid

She ought to be in charge of ensuring the bride has everything she needs to get prepared on the wedding day together with her makeup and hair products, her dress and accessories. According to the tradition as well she is meant to be the person who will throw the bridal shower and offer up the bachelorette party supplies. The chief bridesmaid ought to bear some expenses like her dress and shoes. You may want to decline the offer or ask for help if you don’t have enough money to do that.

The Best Man

The Best Man characteristically throws the bachelor party. On the wedding day, he has the responsibility of getting the groom prepared for the church or mosque on time. He will be the person to drive the groom to the ceremony. He will be the usher for the family members of the couples and the one to walk the Maid of Honor down the aisle and guide her out after the ceremony. He is also supposed to be the person to hold the wedding rings until they are required during the ceremony. Frequently, he will sign as a witness on the marriage certificate. He is also supposed to be the main person o handle any problem that may occur during the wedding as well as the person who will be given money to pay for certain services like the restaurant, pianist, and so on.


The groomsmen duty is to there to stand up for the groom and provide him with moral support. They assist to usher family and friends to their seats at the wedding. They also escort the bridesmaid and partner with her during her first dance at the reception. A groomsman has to bear certain responsibilities like renting a tuxedo and shoes, travelling to the venue and joining in the rehearsal a night before the wedding. It is wise to decline the offer if you can’t afford the hotel and clothing expenses.


The bridesmaids are the next to the Maid of Honor. Their job is usually to check if there is something missing, if the bride needs anything to eat or drink and if she wants help with her veil. They are also required the join in the procession down the aisle before the bride. They will be required to pay for a dress and shoes as well as any jewelry the bride would want you to wear. It is as well recommended that they contribute towards the payment of the bridal shower and bachelorette party. At the wedding, they each dance with the groomsman they’ve been paired up with after which they come together and dance.

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The little Bride

Over and over again, a niece of the bride or groom acts as the little bride. She usually dresses in a small version of the bridal gown and is the first to join in the procession down the aisle. If she is very young, she may well return back to her seat near her parents. Her task after is merely to be endearing.

Flower girls

They normally throw rose petals from an ornamented basket and stands with the bridesmaids.

Ring Bearer

The ring bearer is the small guy who carries the rings down the aisle, characteristically with the little bride or behind the flower girl. He carries them on a pillow with strings attached to hold the rings. Frequently he is given plastic rings while the Best Man holds the actual rings. As soon as he makes his entrance, he regularly sits down with his parents. After that, he shows off his dance steps at the reception.

Wedding Party: My Top 5 Tips

  1. Don’t include someone among your wedding party just because they included you in theirs and you want to return the same favor to them. Only include people you sincerely want and don’t expect that all those you included in yours will always return the favor back.
  2. You can as well include your friends who don’t live nearby among the bridal party, although they may not get fully involved in pre-wedding activities. It is right to keep them informed of the wedding plan to show them that you actually want them to be part of your wedding day.
  3. Conventionally, a woman serves as a bridesmaid while a man serves as a groomsman but this doesn’t have to be strictly a woman-to-woman thing or man-to-man thing. The bride can use a man as the bridesman if a man is her best friend. Same applies to a groom and grooms woman.
  4. If you decide to encompass ring bearers or flower girls, bear in mind that they may not completely cooperate during the wedding. Younger children may be required to sit close to their parents or family members after they have joined the procession down the aisle.
  5. Don’t select your wedding party too far in advance for in case your friendship changes before the time. If you are close to some friends and is not sure of what the future holds, you may choose to assign them with a more trivial task for your wedding like reading giving out programs. This link takes you to the first part of this article. Ensure you read that first part to get full

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