Wedding Food Selection: what to offer your guests

Aside attending a wedding ceremony with the aim of honouring those getting married, one other reason people attend weddings is for the menu which is popularly called “item 7.” Who doesn’t love to eat and at weddings, you get to see all sorts of dishes and drinks. This too adds spice to the event. A wedding ceremony is attended by a lot of people who have different interests and so it is necessary to have a variety of dishes so they can choose from. As cultures differ so also meals differ this is why wedding food selection is an important aspect when planning your wedding. Depending on the number of people attending your wedding even though your calculation may not be accurate at times, it’s best to have a surplus of food available than a deficit.

I have attended weddings where the food didn’t go round as in some people were served while some others were not served. I don’t think this is right. If your guests could leave their homes and other matters to grace your occasion with their presence then you should appreciate them by filling their stomach at your event. It’s true that you cannot satisfy everyone but you can make an attempt to. I believe you have an idea of the types of food people love to eat. So the least you can do for your guests while maintaining your budget is to plan your wedding food selection and ensure your guests leave your wedding not just happy but content.

This article will show you how important wedding food selection is and also show you the kinds of food you can serve your guests at your wedding.

Wedding Food Selection:

Fried/jollof rice with meat or chicken:

Wedding Food Selection

In almost every gathering, this type of food is usually served and loved by many. Rice prepared in various forms is eaten constantly and has become a staple everywhere. You can decide to have both types so people are served both. The type of meat will be decided upon by you but you can go for either cow meat, chicken/turkey or fish.

Ofada rice:

Wedding Food Selection (2)

This is another type of rice that can be served at a wedding. Some people would rather eat this than eat the regular rice.

Amala and Ewedu:

Wedding Food Selection

Most Yoruba weddings serve this delicacies. I have noticed that the elderly are the ones who eat this combination of food more than the younger ones. It’s therefore a good idea to include this when making your wedding food selection.

Egusi soup:

This delicacy can be eaten by any tribe and served with either eba, semovita, amala or pounded yam.

Small chops:

Wedding Food Selection (3)

I would say this delicacy is a side attraction which can be served just before the main dish is served. I enjoy eating small chops so I don’t think it’s a bad idea to include it during your wedding food selection. Small chops consists of puff puff, samosa, chicken kebab, spring roll, etc. So while your guests are still waiting to be served, this can go round to keep their mouths busy.

Moi moi:

This is usually not dished alone but can be served together with either fried or jollof rice.

Assorted drinks and water:

Wedding Food Selection (4)

At weddings, there should be assorted drinks so people can get what they want. Some people serve both alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks so it all depends on the type of drinks you want to serve. And of course, bottled water should be made available.

I went for a wedding once and of all the weddings I have attended this year, this one has stuck to my memory. I was served with jollof mixed with fried rice, beef, fish, small chops, Chapman and cake. Not only was the food delicious but also filling.

I equally went for another wedding where I was served yam porridge. Yam isn’t one of my favourites so I didn’t eat it. But really who serves porridge at a wedding?

Wedding food selection should not be limited to the foods listed above as a result of various cultures. For example, some soups eaten in some cultures are banga soup, edikankong, efo riro, oghwo soup with starch etc. So, your wedding food selection will depend on the two tribes getting married.

What other food do you think can be served at a wedding ceremony? We would love to see your own list.

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