What to Wear for Fall Engagement Photos: 6 Outfit Ideas

There’s no more romantic time than fall, save for (maybe) Christmas. The beautiful foliage, cozy days, seasonal plaid — it doesn’t get much better than that! If you’ve got fall engagement photos on the way, you’re basically guaranteed a set of memories you’re going to cherish forever. That said, you do still have to put in some prep work to guarantee that you’ll look your best. Below we share some helpful tips to prepare for fall engagement photos, along with location ideas and outfit options.

Wear for Fall Engagement Photos
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Tips for Taking Engagement Photos

Get Your Ring Cleaned Beforehand

You want that oval engagement ring you love so much to shine in the photos! Gotta keep that thing clean and sparkly. We generally recommend getting a professional cleaning before photos of this caliber, though you can go DIY if you’re confident.

 Get Your Hair Done with Some Time to Spare

You want to plan for a week or two out. This is going to give you time to get any problems corrected, and you’ll have ample time to practice getting it perfect.

Get Everything Ready the Evening Before

This is a good rule for life, honestly, but especially here. Lay everything out the night before so you don’t even have to think about what you’re doing in the morning. It’ll be seamless, and you’ll have one less thing to worry about.

 Bring an Emergency Kit

This isn’t just for weddings and to keep in your car. Having a kit that covers all the essentials is crucial to having an ideal engagement photo session. Unlike wedding emergency kits, you’re likely going to have to DIY this one. Granted, you could just buy a wedding kit and add in a few things and call it good.

If you’re having an outdoor shoot, make sure this kit includes a jacket and a warm, comfortable pair of shoes (especially if you’re shooting in multiple locations). Other basics like makeup kits, bobby pins and all that good stuff should be included as well.

Bring a Second Outfit

This is pretty standard, but a good reminder. It doesn’t have to be completely new, but you want the option to switch some stuff up. Maybe switch your shoes and jacket or throw on some different pieces of your everyday jewelry.

 Where to Take Fall Engagement Photos

 Any Tree-Lined Path

You really can’t go wrong with the changing leaves in the background and a romantic path to walk down. That experience really sells itself. Plus, there’s a decent chance you’ve got one near you, so you barely have to go to another location.

Wear for Fall Engagement Photos 1
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This works really well in older, more well-preserved towns with a historic downtown area. All the old architecture is perfect for fall engagement photos. You can enjoy a good stroll and get plenty of fun candids as well.

 A Local Park

More changing leaves? Yes, please! A park is really a solid engagement photo shoot staple, so scout out the most aesthetic ones near you.

 At Home

Home is where the heart is, so why not the engagement photo shoot as well? You’re going to be at your most comfortable, and you have a whole closet of outfits at your disposal. Plus, it’s warm in there.

 Any Place Special to You Two

In some ways, this is more about the sentimentality of it than the aesthetics. Maybe you’ve got a memory in a place that isn’t traditionally romantic. We don’t normally advise taking wedding photos in front of a Denny’s (we prefer Olive Garden like this couple), but if that’s special to the two of you, then take photos and enjoy a Grand Slam when you’re done.

 What to Wear for Fall Engagement Photos

Now that we’ve covered some tips and photoshoot ideas, let’s dive into some outfit choices for your fall-themed photography session.

1. Flannel

There’s nothing wrong with playing the hits. You wouldn’t see Journey and politely request they skip “Don’t Stop Believing.” At least, you shouldn’t. The flannel is a fall classic and makes for timeless photos.

2. Midi Dress

There are a ton of ways you can take a midi dress. You can go more rustic, more boho or even just a darker, more modern vibe. Whatever you’re looking for, it walks the line of casual and formal.

3. Mini Dress

You live in southern Georgia, and fall is still hot. We get it, and we have a suggestion for you. It’s still fancy enough to wear for your engagement photos, but you also won’t sweat profusely the whole time. Win-in!

4. Fall Festive Jumpsuit

This is never a bad choice, especially if it’s in a fall color. Maybe something in burnt orange? Can’t go wrong there.

5. A Colorful Gown

Want to dial up the formality while keeping everything fun and exciting? Go for a gown but in a fun color. It doesn’t have to be in the fall color palette, but that’s definitely going to fit the season better.

Wear for Fall Engagement Photos
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 6. Really, Anything Earth Toned

Do you already have an idea in mind? Well, take that idea and make it earth-toned. Problem solved! Seriously, any set of earth tones will make you look great and fit the seasonality of your photo flawlessly.

Fall In Love with Your Photos

Just remember to prepare well so you can show up, relax and have fun. Professional photographers are very good at getting your best, most natural side, so all you have to do is show up ready to go.

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