Ways To Help Your Partner Achieve Their Set Goal This Year

Ways To Help Your Partner Achieve Their Set Goal This Year

Every year we set goals for what we want to achieve in that year, we also set goals for our day to day activities, weekly and monthly in other to achieve the main goals for the year. Often times, these goals throw up a lot of challenges on our ways and so many of us give up because we consider the challenges too strong and our partner does not really understand the purpose of our set goal, so that they can be of encouragement even when we face the biggest obstacle to achieve the bigger goal.

Ways To Help Your Partner Achieve Their Set Goal This YearIt is important to always involve our partner in some of this goals, I have realized overtimes that, relationship partner has a greater influence on how our set goals can be easily achieved. It is not enough to set your goals and ignore the important of what your partner can contribute towards the attainment of your goal, you’ll get discourage at some point and you will need him or her to be your source of inspiration to continue working towards the success of your set goal.

The pointers below are some of what you can do to help your relationship partner to achieve his or her goals for the year

Be of encouragement; it has been proven overtimes, that when your romantic partner encourage you in other to achieve a goal, such goal has 85% success rate. The opposite happen when your relationship partner discourage you from achieving certain goals, you’ll find it hard to achieve such goal.

Help your partner to overcome potential obstacles; there will always be obstacle to any set goals, but when you stand with him or her to help your partner overcome these obstacle, it will becomes less disturbing and your partner can now focus on the positive aspect of what the goal is going to do for the relationship. Although, these obstacle will always be there and you can’t be blinded totally about their present, but helping him or her to work around these obstacle will keep him focus on the goal.

Assist him or her to develop strategic plan; when goal are being set, there’s always a plan along with it, this plan is what will be executed in other to achieve the goal. But sometimes, these plans are ambiguous; you can help your partner to make the plan specific. For instance, if the goal of your partner is to shed weight and keep fit for the year, instead of having a plan to exercise four times in a week, you can help him or her with a plan on when, how and the timing for the exercise, something like – jog for 10 minutes on a spot and then run for another 10 minutes with a steady race. Put timing and that makes it specific instead of being general.

Don’t try to be his or her coach; nobody likes to be controlled, just be an influencer in the way you encourage your romantic partner to keep up with the set goal. When people feel that their freedom is being monitored in other not to do what they want, they tend to avoid such person trying to monitor and control their freedom.

If you try to control your partner because he or she is not doing the right thing as per how his or her goal can be achieved, you’re somehow restricting his or her freedom. Don’t just interfere unnecessarily if you are not needed; make your attempt subtle and sometimes unnoticed. With that, your partner will feel less threatened whereas you are part of the progress; sooner your effort will be appreciated when his or her goals are being achieved.

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