Virgo Women: Character, Relationships, Love

From August 24 to September 23 is the time of Virgo, covering the period of Indian summer, the time of fertility and the generous autumn harvest. All these natural processes are displayed on the character of Virgo women, giving them femininity, charm, practicality, and forethought. Belonging to the earthly elements of the sign grounds them they are reliable and confident.

A Virgo woman is one of the most complex and rich signs of the zodiac circle. They are like cats torn between fear and curiosity. On the one hand, they are characterized by caution, a tendency to foresee and calculate everything, think logically, and predetermine the development of events.

On the other hand, they are inquisitive, impressionable, and conceal within themselves a whole whirlpool of emotions that no one will ever suspect of being drawn into. The combination of such conflicting qualities in one character makes Virgo interesting, attractive, and mysterious to others. A Virgo woman is a mystery that cannot be solved.

What a Virgo woman likes

The order is in thoughts, in deeds, in the house. The house of a Virgo woman looks like no one lives there – each thing is strictly allocated an individual place, and dust and dirt seem to never settle in this house of exemplary order.

If guests appear in it, which, by the way, the majority of Virgos love to accept, then they shouldn’t violate sterility; otherwise, the Virgos are unlikely to invite you ever again. Virgos feel calm and balanced when everyone plays according to their rules.

They love to teach, instruct, and correct. And they do it so talentedly that everyone either does not notice it because of their delicate manipulations or are so deeply imbued with respect for these intelligent scholars that they dare not argue with them. In any case, communication with a Virgo woman of this type gives moral and aesthetic pleasure.

What a Virgo woman does not like

“Everything should be wonderful in a man” – this is the main motto of Virgos striving for perfection. They cannot stand sloppiness, vulgarity, profanity, gossip, bad taste, bad manners, and especially stupidity.

If such a man will come across a Virgo, she will either arrogantly ignore him or ruthlessly criticize him since criticism is one of her trustiest weapons. It should be noted that she is a strict but fair judge. But the Virgo itself is better not to criticize. She does not like this and will not allow it. Virgo women are well aware of their shortcomings and work diligently on them.

How to Conquer a Virgo Woman

Virgo is the most unpredictable sign in love. Their feelings are always on the verge between ice and flame, and you can never predict which of the elements she needs at this particular moment and from this particular partner. Virgo women are dual and contradictory. The coldness of many Virgo women is just a mask, behind which they hide their impressionability, unbridled passion, and sexuality.

Love and marriage

The love of a Virgo woman is considered a disease that the mind must heal. They are simply afraid of deep feelings because they will have to let the man into the depths of their mind with all the vices lurking there that the Virgo herself fears.

But the lucky one, who nevertheless succeeds in piercing through the “armor” of such a lady, will be envied by even the most successful of bachelors because the Virgos are the best of the best wives! And it is great to spend your days with such a woman.

So if you have a lot of retirement idea for men in your mind and want to happy life – marry a Virgo woman. Passion and sex for Virgo women are also quite important. But this does not apply to all representatives of the sign. 

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