Vacancies for Article or Content Writers on ILR

Do you have passion for writing and can write articles that based on any of the following area of interest?

  • Fashion & Beauty
  • Parenting
  • Family Healthy Living
  • Weddings & Accessories

You just need to have a passion for just only ONE area of interest and you might be among the most suited for this home based job, which you can do at your own conveniences.

Job Title: Writer/Editor/Contributor

Job Function: Research/Writing/Editing/Publishing

Employment Type: Part-Time (Work anywhere at your own convenience time)

Gender: Equal opportunity for both Male and Female

Reporting to: Chief Editor/Administrator

Job Responsibilities

  1. Ability to develop new content after research
  2. An eye for appropriate image(s) that will accompany the articles writing by you.
  3. You have to be current with the latest happening in your chosen area of interest.
  4. Write and publish content online.
  5. Response to comment approved, especially in your chosen area of interest where your article is published.
  6. Ability to write article/Content of NOT less than 600 words per article/content
  7. One article per day (Saturday and Sunday are optional)

Job Requirement

  • Ability to write good and simple English, that even primary school pupils can read and understand.
  • Self-motivated and teachable to continue learning on the job
  • Access to Laptop, Desktop, ipad, Tablet and other devices that can allow you make research, write, edit and publish content online.

Added Advantage

  • Knowledge of SEO
  • Knowledge of HTML
  • Previously published articles relating to your area of interest
  • Blogging skills


  • Very attractive for a part-time based job, a job you can do at your own convenience time.
  • In addition, N5,000 worth of Data for research, editing and publishing per month
  • You will have to write not less than 20 articles per month to qualify for the N5,000 worth of Data.

Important Note:

You’re writing for worldwide audience, people who can speak and read English. So, your research should not be based only on Nigeria. This will also help you to have limitless area where you can write, especially in your chosen area of interest.

How to Apply

Interested person should send their application to this email address; [email protected]

Here’s the format of how your application should look like;

Your Email Subject Line Should be: The name of your chosen area where you have passion for, Plus application.

E.g Family Healthy Living Application or Wedding & Accessories Application or Parenting Application, etc.

The body of the email should contain;

Your Full Name

Your Email address where you can easily be reached

Your phone number

Your blog URL if you have a blog to prove your writing experience (optional)

A well written article of not less than 400 words in your chosen area of topic and it should be attached to your email in Microsoft Words Only.

DO NOT copy any article or content and send to us, claiming it’s your own written article. You will be disqualified if you try it.

Deadline for submission of application; Wednesday 4th of May, 2016

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