Upcoming Dating Events for Singles in Manchester

SpeedDater offers a wide range of singles events all over the United Kingdom. In the speed dating Manchester scene, in particular, there is a wide array of events coming up within the next couple of months that are sure to help you find a match and get yourself out there. Here are a few of the most anticipated:

Speed Dating at Lock 91—October 24, 2019

This speed dating event takes place on Thursday, October 24, and is specifically targeted toward those between the ages of 32 and 44. It’ll give you the opportunity to have an exciting night out and socialize with eligible singles in the area. The event starts out with a speed dating round that lasts approximately 45 minutes. Then, it shifts into a break that includes time for drinks and chatting. After the 15 minute break, the event shifts into another round of speed dating. After the organized event, post-event socializing is encouraged and provides you the opportunity to speak and bond with those you hit it off with during the speed dating sessions.

The venue itself is one of the hidden gems of Manchester. It has many rooms and beautiful interior decorating that will help make you look and feel your best. It also provides both group spaces and more secluded settings for connecting with singles that you’re hitting it off in a more intimate way.

Speed Dating at Lock 91—November 14, 2019

This speed dating event is available for younger singles, those between the ages 25 and 35, and provides a great place to mingle and break the ice. The event has two sessions of speed dating, cushioned with a brief break to chat and grab more drinks. It also has an opportunity to stay after the event and reconnect with those that you matched with during the speed dating sessions.

This event will allow you to meet and connect with up to 15 dates, which are on the same page and have similar goals as you do. It is located at one of the most stylish bars in Manchester, so it will give you the opportunity to look and feel your best when meeting potential romantic interests. The venue itself offers a wide range of cocktails, shared appetizers, draughts, ales, ciders, and a large and elegant selection of wines.

Speed Dating at Lock 91—February 27, 2020

This speed dating event is hosted at Lock 91 and is geared at those between the ages of 35 and 45. It is great for singles looking to get themselves out there and will provide a nice warm place to recede to and meet people during the chilly winter months. The event has two sessions of speed dating that are first come first serve for sign-ups. It also has a wide range of spaces to socialize and meet people in, complemented by a large and delicious selection of cocktails, wines, draughts, ales, ciders, and shared plates.

This event is overseen by a profession host, who will make it much easier to break the ice and get to know other singles at the event.

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