Unicorn Dating Sites are the Places for a New Romance without the need of Lying

unicorn dating mean for couple

Counter cultures and subcultures have been entering the realms of the mainstream, particularly post the digital revolution. The active participants of people living the lifestyle are now taking up spaces in our everyday narratives. Unicorn dating is another of the facets that may be unheard of by the hetero couple yet, but the term Unicorn dating are not much away from being in the know of the wider community. 

If you’re wondering about unicorn dating? Here I am to guide you with how the whole relationship takes place, the good facets of unicorn dating, and the power struggles it often involves between the unicorn and the hetero-couple. 

Unicorn | Understanding The Definitions and Regulations 

Well, to start with the obvious meaning of what is a unicorn sexually and where to find a unicorn, two things must be kept in mind, firstly, through unicorn dating, an involvement both sexual and sometimes emotional occurs between the hetero and LGBTQIA+. You might be thinking this is a good thing, but that isn’t always the view of the gay community and there are reasons for that. 

Even if you get past the stage and know where to find a unicorn, which is pretty hard enough, to begin with, the term coined after the exotic rare animal in correspondence to how it is equally hard to find a person willing to take part in a unicorn relationship. One has to make sure, now also to answer what is a unicorn sexually, the unicorn, typically a bisexual woman or a non-binary person, a man too can be involved but that is seldom, is attracted to both the partners and the hard part, is alright with the dynamics that every boundary will be set by the hetero couple. 

The hetero couple will play the sanctimonious charade and the unicorn is bound to follow every rule and boundaries along with freedoms. So, to answer in plain about what is unicorn dating, it’s the joining of another person typically a woman, or a person non-binary in an already established relationship but unlike the popular poly-amorous relationships where the persons involved are equal.

 But Where to Find a Unicorn?

It is probably one of the hardest jobs to pursue the answer of where to find a unicorn. The couple looking for a unicorn are typically called the unicorn hunters. Though, as I started with at the beginning of my writing, with the advent of digitalization these niches often want of ours that we all have, in different regards are becoming more accessible. 

There are now different unicorn dating sites to help couples look for the person they are in search of. These unicorn dating apps operate in the same manner as any other dating website, though one has to be always aware of catfish. The unicorn dating sites are helpful and are used by more people than you would guess, and that like every other dating application probably stands the risk of higher chances of catfish. I will be listing down the unicorn dating apps that can help you whether you’re a couple or want to be a part of one. Gather around people, your wishes are now a few clicks away. 

Best Unicorn Dating Sites For An Experience Worth Remembering 


unicorn dating mean for couple

Feeld is among the most popular unicorn dating app that you will come across and probably know of if you are in the know-how of the world of unicorn dating. Apparently it started with a couple, and as the rumor goes, the woman in the relationship fell in love with another woman, and then what followed was the good intention of this unicorn dating site. There should be no obstacles when it comes to love and falling in love is what the app always showcases.

Feeld lists itself as “non-perspective” that the app won’t decide on the user’s options and opinions. Feeld similar to the rest of the unicorn dating sites cater to both singles and couples and allows the user to choose from over twenty different sexualities. Pretty good, isn’t it? Feeld is often considered the very cream of the crop when they talk about any hookup dating app. This unicorn dating app has built its primary base of users serving ethically non-monogamous people. Feeld also lets you connect on incognito mode without any of your social media or public accounts. All the secrecy you ever craved for.


unicorn dating mean for couple

There are over 22 gender options and 13 orientations for the users to choose from. Who knows, hey, Ok Cupid, might do the trick and help you find the best possible unicorn for you or even if you’re looking for a couple. OkCupid might just turn out to be the unicorn dating site, to end your long-awaited search. 

Unicorn Dating

Unicorn Dating app much like the name of this particular unicorn dating app is self-explanatory. There is no need to beat around the bush once you’re here. The unicorn dating site is built both for unicorn hunters and unicorns. The app also lets you connect without the need of giving away any of your social media profiles.     


BiCupid, the largest bisexual website, is dedicated to all our non-monogamous adventures, this app is a great place to look for the fulfillment of our desires. The only problem though you might think about is that it is paid. Other than that, the easy-to-access nature of the app gives users a lot of freedom thereby fulfilling the purpose of a good unicorn dating site. 


Unicorn dating might have been niche once, but a good number of unicorn dating sites have constantly been working to break that manifold. If you are interested in the exploration of a unicorn relationship all these unicorn dating apps are there to help you. You can always put your feet into newer pastures anyway.

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