Types of Video Cameras

Speaking technically, a video camera is an electronic device for creating electronic moving images. Though it appeared as a device for using in television studios, different types of cameras can be used by non-professionals nowadays. To make it simple, you don’t have to be a professional operator with professional equipment to make films; you can easily film episodes from your life. Just choose and pick up a device for you.

Types of cameras

Video cameras are available in numerous designs and versions, but this is not the first thing you pay attention to. According to functions and purpose, you can find several types of video cameras.Types of Video Cameras

Professional cameras are used in cinematic industry. They are manually controlled, automated functions are usually absent. This is equipment used for filming movies, music videos, TV shows and so on – equipment of the highest class.Types of Video Cameras

Camcorders combine cameras and a recording unit or device. They are widely used to record home videos. You can plug in microphone in order to get equally good image and sound quality. This equipment can be big and cost more expensive, but you’ll be able to record all further meaningful moments and events on your own, without any side help. Types of Video Cameras


CCTV (closed-circuit television) cameras are used for security and monitoring purposes. Small and easily-hidden, they perfectly fit for these tasks. They are also used in environments inaccessible or uncomfortably to access for people.Types of Video Cameras

DSLRs and mirrorless cameras, like digital photo cameras, use interchangeable lenses and are a good option for beginners. They are good in a low light, provide a lot of creative possibilities, but have limited recording time and sound recording is awkward sometimes. Both professional and non-professional models are available. Find out more about specifications to decide which one is better for you.Types of Video Cameras

With the help of compact still cameras you can shoot HD video. Amazing zoom range and small dimensions make it the best option to take with you in travels or to a party. Sound quality may be not the best one, but is more than good. In the end, you are not going to film movies professionally, right?Types of Video Cameras

Small and tough action cameras are the best way to document your adventures. Mount a camera on a bike, car, your body or even your pet and film everything that goes on. These cameras usually don’t have screens. Instead, they can be connected to Smartphones and laptops wirelessly.

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