Having Troubles with Your Dating Profile? Here Are 7 Tips for You!

If in offline dating you may have troubles, because of being not cute enough, your online dating may be endangered by failing to create an irresistible dating profile. A bad profile means that you are unlikely to attract someone’s attention, thus you have less chances to proceed to the logical culmination of the online dating, which is an offline date.Having Troubles with Your Dating Profile

In order to avoid mistakes that may prevent you from succeeding, check out these 7 tips from Roman Compass on crafting a perfect online dating profile.

Mind your profile picture

 A lot of things depend on your profile picture, when it comes to online dating. Few tricks you must know about your profile picture. It should be a photo of good quality. Your picture mustn’t show only you, unless you have pictures with your friends and family members scattered around your profile. The best way is that your picture will show you doing something. Expressing interests is important, we will expand on it later, thus your picture can show you engaged in one of your hobbies.

Good writing

You may not be a professional writer, but you must mind that profile requires good and engaging writing. Filling in your bio, don’t stick to facts and dates. Give people a story. Tell the story in the way that they can picture you doing anything that you have described in your bio. When your bio is all about events and date, it is as engaging as reading the white pages. It’s unlikely that you’ll catch any fish with a profile like that.

No Flaws

We’re not asking you to lie about yourself. Lying about yourself would be writing about you non-existent accomplishments. Not mentioning some of your flaws is not a lie, is just decreasing the number of things that can scare away your prospective partners. Thus, mentioning flaws in your bio is a taboo.

Don’t Share Intimate Details

Don’t talk about your fails, don’t mention that you are depressed. Other intimate details include: sexual positions that you prefer, religion, income, political views, family problems, and painful experiences. These are things that you will unlikely discuss on your acquaintance with your prospective partner. Why scaring them away by laying it all bare in your profile?

Expressing Your Interests

It is much easier to attract the right person, when you base your search on common interests and hobbies. Thus, you are obliged to mention your interests in your profile. It will make people with the same interests linger to your profile.

Spelling and Grammar

While you may think that no one cares and you are not in school any longer, you’re absolutely wrong. Nothing makes prospective partners sick more than spelling and grammar mistakes. Moreover, it can kill all the good impression that you were trying to build writing your bio. So, pay attention to spelling and grammar.

Determine Your Intentions

Last, but not the least, your profile must clarify your intentions. No need to write that you are looking for a steady girlfriend, if you are really seeking for a one night stand. No need to write down that you are looking for a bride, when you are not sure whether you are going to marry or not.

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