Top 10 Wisdom For All Young Ladies Out There: Guys Too Can Benefits

Top 10 Wisdom For All Young Ladies Out There

We have decided to share these on our blog today for all the ladies out there that read our article daily. It is our desire that you will live a fulfilled and blissful life, please we want you to learn all these wisdom we are sharing with you today by heart. Let get it stated.
  1. Beauty Attracts Men But Wisdom Keeps Them
  2. Elegance Catches Men’s Attention But Intelligence Convinces Them.
  3. In The Long Run Your ‘Words’ Matters More To A Man Than Yours ‘Looks’.
  4. Men Have Secrets Struggles And Silent Pains; Should You Ever Find Them Out Exhibit The Greatest Maturity.
  5. Men Will Naturally Give You Their Future If They Can Recall Your Maturity In Yesterday’s Issue
  6. Nagging Irritates Men But Constructive Silence Weakens Them.
  7. The ‘Boy’ In Every man Pumps Out Occasionally But Your Ability To Handle This Is A Woman’s Truest Maturity.
  8. Women Are Everywhere But Queens Are Scarce.
  9. So Invest In Right Words. Earn A Man’s Respect And He Will Consider You The Yardstick For All His Actions.
  10. Let The Queen In You Come Alive And He Will Hold You In High Esteem.
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Love and Peace!

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