Top 10 Travel and Fashion Trends

Top 10 Travel and Fashion Trends

Travelling is always fun, and it’s even more fun if you know and follow the fashion and travel trends for your exciting vacation. Find out what is in, what is chic and what is handy to make your travel plans even better. Here are our top ten lists.

Travel and Fashion Trends1. To begin with, vacationers are choosing the experiences that are offered by the locals. Steering away from the traditional vacations, increasing number of people are finding out about new villages and tourist spots. They are interested in experiencing local culture and small community programs.

2. Another popular travel trend is called the effortless living trends. Many hotels are offering amenities such as breakfasts you can take with you, guaranteed mini bar contents, Wi-Fi and so on, all included in the rate. No extra charges are borne by weary travellers for them.

3. One of the great new trends in vacation travel is the boutique hotel that combines the old and the new. Original architecture and art adorn hotels that also offer the newest accommodations. Enjoy furniture from the past and vintage accessories. Tourists can soak up the tradition of the area they are visiting, but never have to give up the modern conveniences.

4. Another enjoyable trend in travel today is food. Gourmet food is more readily available. A great idea that’s fun for all ages is the box breakfast served in a colourful graphic designed box. Another comeback in the area of contemporary dining is the vintage cocktail. Yet, a third food trend is the hotel buffet. Here you can expect local foods and organic salads.

5. Family travel is a trend that was and still is preferred. A great travel trend is especially appealing to the travellers who bring their children with them. The young and fashionable travellers that used to travel alone are still wayfaring, but this time the kids are coming, too. More boutiques and luxury hotels are making family travel even more affordable.

6. As you might expect, another travel trend is the digital concierge. Download the app and you’ll have service at your fingertip.

7. Luxury travelling is in. Many hotels are catering to the needs for luxury and pampering with spas, massages, and manicures. Everyone is doing it, at least everyone that is following today’s travel trends.

8. Travel trends are also more sports oriented than ever. Some hotels even have kickboxing rings. Others offered canoeing, spear fishing and the excitement of wave riding.

9. An easy list of fashionable clothing that should serve you well should be carried along. A classic blazer with a button-down shirt is always appropriate. Be sure and take a pair of jeans and a couple tank tops. Espadrilles are a must. Don’t forget the cute bikini for the warm weather travel, and throw in a couple scarves for cover-ups. Khaki shorts, flirty skirts and simple cotton dresses should also be on your list. Well-matched shoes to augment the looks of your clothes are also important. If you are more of the adventurous type, tracking shoes is the best option.

10. Clothes are important, so are accessories. Look for colourful passport covers, eye-catching luggage, over-sized bags and a great camera.

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