Tonight before You Go to Sleep, Make Sure You’ve Done These 10 Things

Looking forward to a great tomorrow? It doesn’t matter how bad your day was, this doesn’t mean the next day will be the same. You can do some right things before heading to sleep and be ready for a great tomorrow.

The most successful people engage in different actions before they sleep which ensure that they wake up ready to go. You can also practice the following 10 things before you go to sleep.Tonight before You Go to Sleep

#1: Sleeping routine

Do you have a sleeping routine? If you have problems going to bed the same time, you can set an alarm.  You should go to bed the same time as this will promote better sleep. To know your preferred sleeping schedule, you can write own the time you wake up and the feeling you get.

#2: Power off your gadget

If you want to enjoy many hours of restful sleep, you should power off your gadgets. Computers and other devices emit blue light that keeps you awake. You should switch them all before you go to bed and this will help you get better sleep.

#3: Reflect

This is a very important thing that you should do before you sleep. Your sleep subconscious is powerful and it can help you dream and come up with innovative ideas. Spend some little time to reflect on the things you faced during the day. Whether you choose to meditate or other visualization techniques, the main aim is to help you have a clear mind before you sleep.

#4: Do some stretches

If you have spent most part of your day seated over a computer, that sitting posture can give your body tension. The best thing you can do before you go to bed is to stretch. You can engage in some in-bed yoga and this will help you feel relaxed. Eventually, you can fall to sleep faster.

#5: Enjoy basking during the day

Getting some rays during the day helps you when it come getting better sleep. Your body has melatonin which regulates your sleep cycle. This hormone is produced when you are exposed to light. If you do not allow your body to get exposure to the natural light during the day, then you might end up feeling tired before the end ends.

#6: Switch off your thermostat

If you want to get a restful sleep at night, you need to adjust the temperature. The best sleeping temperature for an average person is 65 degrees. Depending on the temperature out there, you can either keep warm when it is cool and when it is a little warm, you can choose not to use your cover. Always adjust the temperature to enjoy a good night’s sleep.

#7: Do not take alcohol and caffeine

Late in the day, you should avoid caffeine because it causes sleep problems for up to 12 hours after you consume. If you have trouble getting sleep, you can cut off the intake of caffeine by noon. On the other hand, alcohol spoils the quality of sleep you get. You need to avoid the two and you can be sure of having optimal sleep duration.

#8: Set bedtime alarm

Most of us are used to wake-up alarm. Do you have a bedtime alarm? Sometimes when you are online or watching TV, you might lose track of time. When you are setting your bedtime alarm ensure that you give yourself ample time to do activities like taking kids to bed, shutting down electronics or anything that you need to do.

#9: Have dinner several hours before bed

If you take foods that are rich in fats, it can take more time to digest and this can affect how fast you fall asleep. You should also try to avoid drinking beverages close to bedtime because you might need to visit the washrooms several times.

#10: Avoid stress

Having a regular sleep routine is great. But this doesn’t mean that you should stress yourself if you are not falling asleep the right time. If you do not fall asleep within the first 20 minutes of going to bed, then you can engage in some pre-bed relaxation techniques and you won’t even realize how fast you will fall asleep.

Final words

The above are some things that you should do before you go to bed. There are many other things you can add to the list. If you want to get more details about getting quality sleep and how to buy the right mattress. The site gives you more details on how to choose a memory foam mattress that will provide you with a perfect balance of comfort.

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