7 Tips On How to Make a Girl Laugh

Women are creatures of emotion. The more positive the emotion is, the more they will want to associate with it or whatever or whoever causes it.

Now let’s look at laughter – it causes feel-good emotions in people whether they want it or not. It increases trust, reduces tension, and helps people loosen up.

Tips On How to Make a Girl Laugh

A man who can make a woman laugh easily has higher chances of being in her good books more than the average Joe. In fact, it’s said that if you can make her laugh easily, half the battle of having her has been won.

If you make her laugh easily, she’s going to find you enjoyable and likable to be with.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you should be clowning just to make her laugh. The key thing here is to make her feel strongly attracted to you using humor as leverage.

If you’re looking to make her laugh her way into getting powerfully attracted to you, follow these tips with discretion.

  1. Pay her funny compliments

Everyone loves compliments, especially women. If you’re just meeting her for the first time, pay her funny compliments and smile at her in a relaxed manner. If she has a good sense of humor, she will catch on and flow with you.

Tips On How to Make a Girl Laugh

In addition to paying compliments, you can tell funny jokes or short stories. Girls love stories that have drama in them so go ahead and let her have it. You can read more on stories that can make a girl laugh here.

  1. Carry yourself with confidence

Being nervous will not help your attempt at making her laugh. Try your best to be calm and relaxed. Have an easy smile on your face and be bold.

Tips On How to Make a Girl Laugh

You don’t have to be vulgar but be bold in making amusing comments. She will toe the line and laugh with you in no time at all. Make your statements confidently. It’’s not about what you say but how you say it.

  1. Use what’s in the environment to create humor

A good way to make a lady laugh is to use what’s in the environment. You can make funny remarks about people in the environment, or other similar things in a funny, interesting way.

Tips On How to Make a Girl Laugh

Use circumstances around you to say something amusing. If you observe something funny around you, bring it up.

There are always things you can talk about in your immediate environment that would be funny. A little bit of creativity can give you ideas on what to say. Discussing your surroundings when done right is an effective tip on how to make a girl laugh.

  1. A bit of self-mockery can do the trick

Yes, making a few jokes about your bad choices in clothes, food or interests can add some humor to your conversation. If you can carry this out with mock humility and cockiness, she will find it hilarious and bond with you faster.

Tips On How to Make a Girl Laugh

  1. Tease her in a fun way

Teasing her is a great way to make her laugh as she realizes you’ve noticed a great deal about her.

You can do this by throwing in veiled compliments. For instance, you could tell her that she looks so good that everyone appears under-dressed.

Tips On How to Make a Girl Laugh

She would laugh at this and want to appear modest and humble. Teasing compliments are a great way to attract a woman using laughter.

Dating expert, Marcus Neo discusses this in greater detail – you can read about it here.

  1. Make your interactions with her playful

Playful moods can be infectious. Remember to be lively and interesting while conversing with her. Accuse her playfully of things she didn’t do without sounding mean. Remember you want to make talking to you interesting to her.

Ask funny or amusing questions. These questions should be able to make her open up and share her thoughts on the subjects. Bring up accusations that will make her realize you’re joking even as she defends herself.

Tips On How to Make a Girl Laugh

An example of a funny question is by asking her most embarrassing experiences. She would definitely narrate the story with some humor.

  1. Include funny memes, GIFS, audios, and videos

For phone chatting, consider using chat elements like memes, GIFS, audios, and videos to make the conversation funny and hilarious. Modern technology has greatly improved a lot of things.

Tips On How to Make a Girl Laugh

Making her laugh isn’t hard to do.

Given time and practice, you’d be on your way to becoming a fun guy that ladies enjoy being around. Making a girl laugh in a way that attracts her to you might not be about what you say but how you say it.

Essentially, these 7 steps will put you on the right path to learn how to make a girl laugh.

Note that if she laughs easily with you, building attraction with her becomes easy so go right ahead and practice.

Implementation is very important!

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