Here Are Tips To Help You Avoid Clashes In Your Relationship

Here Are Tips To Help You Avoid Clashes In Your Relationship

You should understand in the first place that, all relationship has its peculiar challenges, there are bound to be clashes ones in a while and in most time, you’ll disagree to agree on some certain situations.

What can cause clashes between you and your partner can be anything, even things you can’t even imagine can cause conflict in your relationship. I have witness conflict cause by ordinary pillow fight, I have seen couple fighting over how toothpaste tube should be pressed and I have also heard about how people in relationship fight over common jokes which were misinterpreted into another thing entirely.

Here Are Tips To Help You Avoid Clashes In Your RelationshipIn the eyes of the individual involve, their partner is wrong but they claim to be right, the partner’s too think otherwise.

It is true that you can’t do away with issue like this, because each person knowledge and life experience differs and the same interaction will be interpreted different because of that life experience and the past knowledge.

If you do experience clashes in your relationship, as a result of your partner not being sensitive enough to your plight according to your own view, then you’ll need to put this tips into consideration to help you avoid conflict every time that happens in your relationship.

Don’t jump into quick conclusion

You’re going to get different opinion with your partner at some time, instead of jumping into any kind of conclusion, promise yourself to hold on and get the necessary fact before drawing your inferences.

Don’t start looking for facts that’ll confirm your belief

Oftentimes when we feel offended by our partner, we always go about looking for information that’ll justify our belief, so that we can have strong evidence to back up our argument. This is not going to help you minimizes the chances of relationship clashes, instead, think about the circumstances that’ll warrant why your partner behave in such manner which ordinarily he or she doesn’t behave like that.

If perhaps, your partner start coming home late, instead of you thinking about he’s possibly seeing some other women or men as the case maybe, think about the occasional traffic on the road which is out of his or her control

Put yourself in your partner’s shoes and see how it feels

Think about how you might feel if you were in your partner’s situation. What reasons might lead you to return home later than the time you promise returning home?

It’s important to think about what experiences your partner might have had that would lead him or her to interpret a situation differently than you (Todd et al., 2011). If perhaps your partner doesn’t always feel comfortable when attending social gathering, it is expected of him or her to somehow put aside the possibility of attending any social gathering with you. What of if your partner is stress out because of some big project taking place where he’s working, can you blame him for not attending your friend’s party?

Trying to convince your partner that you’re right will prolong the struggle

Instead of approaching issues in a way to convince your partner that you’re right and he’s wrong, why not think about how to figure out the actual source of your mix-up or think about it as a puzzle that both of you need to find out how to put things together and make it whole again.

Most times, we focus on making sure that our partner have a better understanding of our point and forget to even ask them what exactly is their view and why did they feel the way they feel in such situation. Just ask him or her what’s thinking about the situation, it can give you some cue that help you understand him or her better and not just seeing your point of view as the only right way to view things.

You see, when you interact with someone, whether a new acquaintance or a long-term partner, research suggests that taking a moment to consider that they may be approaching your interaction with a different point of view than yours can only lead to a smoother relationship.

Got any questions, contribution and or comments? Bring them on, let’s interacts and learn to have a clashes free relationship.

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