Tips for Living with a Sports Fan

Sports fans can have a very different character, but they always share the same passion and devotion that is the center of their emotional lives.

Devoted sports fans sometimes have behaviors that may look strange to the outsider. Typically, they devote a lot of their time, finances and emotional investment to supporting a particular game or team, or just to sports in general.

If you are dating a person like this, but don’t share their passion, you may find their behavior not only strange but relationship-killing.

Tips for Living with a Sports FanHere are some tips to preserve and nurture your relationship when dating an avid sports fan. The following tips should help you manage the emotional triangle consisting of you, your partner, and your partner’s team.

Join in the fun

Even if you don’t like sports that much, give it a try and learn the basics of games that form your partner’s passion, and simply said join in the fun. For example, if your partner loves horse racing, learn a bit about that. If he or she enjoys soccer, learn how the game works and so on.

In case you have tried doing this, and you still have no interest in sports games, that doesn’t mean you should hate it. There are always ways to join in the fun. Sports fans don’t only enjoy watching games, but also the social experience of being at a game or watching games with other people.

Sports games can be inspiring and bring you joy and emotions such as humor and hope. It is essential to allow yourself to catch some of your partner’s enthusiasm because this will help you to develop a set of mutual experiences and enhance your relationship.

Get a Hobby

If you cannot watch a game, you can go to a different room, leave the house or tell your partner to simply stay away until the game is over. Unfortunately, acting like this will not help you build your relationship; on the contrary, it will create a distance between you two.

In order to stay close, it is best to find a portable hobby that will occupy you during the game. For example, you can play video games, read a book, watch some videos online, learn how to knit and similar. It doesn’t matter what it is; it’s just essential to spend more time in the same room with your partner.

Understand your Partner’s Behavior

Try to understand why your partner loves a particular team so much. Maybe their parents or grandparents loved the same time so much or perhaps your partner identifies with his team out of a desire to be a part of something bigger than him.

Maybe he comes from a city where they take pride in decades of being victorious championship teams. Either way, you need to understand that there is a deep connection between your partner’s sense of self and his team. For him, it’s not only just a team but a part of his life. Once you understand that, you will also find out what makes your partner tick.

Don’t Get Jealous

Never ask your partner to choose between you and his team. In order to avoid conflict, you need to be honest and always try to come up with your own game plan in advance. Of course, you should both agree to this plan.

This is the only way to work things out and avoid jealousy on your side and insensibility and exaggeration on your partner’s side. Your partner’s devotion is important to him, but you should also be important. On the flip side, you should respect your partner’s passion and understand that love for his team is serious.

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