Some Important Things you must do when engaged in a Relationship

Are you engaged in a relationship? I can just imagine how you must be feeling right now. When starting a relationship, meeting the right person to date is the first step, getting engaged is the next step and finally getting married is the final step.

Now, it would be nice to know that despite the fact that couples are engaged, some relationships still end up crumbling without getting to the altar.

So even while you are engaged, you still have a lot of work to do to ensure that you achieve your goal by tying the knot with your partner.

When people are engaged in a relationship, there are some really important things they ought to do. These things should not be taken for granted and as such must be taken seriously by those involved.

Those important things are:

Never neglect your partner:

The fact that you are now engaged does not end there. At this stage in your life, your partner expects a lot from you. Therefore showing signs of a soon to be husband and wife would be ideal.

Do not take your partner for granted by treating him or her the way you like and believe me when I say that even at this point, certain decisions can still be taken.

You are not married yet and as such, the relationship can still be dissolved if you are not careful so to prevent this, do all you can to be there for your partner.

Not neglecting your partner implies being there for them in any circumstance and this of course would test the love you have for your partner.


Some Important Things you must do when engaged in a Relationship

When engaged in a relationship, you need to communicate with some very important people who would soon become your family. Your partner’s family members are important to you at this point so you need to communicate freely with them.

Do not forget that they are still keeping an eye on you pending when you eventually get married to their child.

Communicating with them by either calling, texting or visiting will show that you care for them and respect them but if you neglect them, they may have second thoughts about you.

Ensure you do not over do it as anything done too much isn’t good but just relate with them as often as you can.

Be sensitive in the spirit:

A lot of things happen in relationships most especially in marriages so at this point, you need to be really sensitive in the spirit and be prayerful.

This is because so many things can happen when you least expect it to.

Be prayerful and make sure you pray for your partner because that is one of your duties. If you don’t, who will?

Show support:

When engaged in a relationship, a lot of planning goes into preparing for the wedding itself. Your partner would appreciate it if you support him or her from start to finish.

You can support both financially and emotionally. As long as you do not allow your partner take responsibility for everything, things should go well.

Respect tradition:

Some Important Things you must do when engaged in a Relationship (3)

Various cultures have their different ways of doing things and the family you will eventually marry into will also have their own culture and traditions.

It is therefore mandatory for you to respect such cultures as you would soon become part of them.

If you say you respect your partner then you must also respect his or her people which means giving respect to their customs and traditions as long as they are not devilish or demonic.

If you need to greet in a certain way then do it and know that this phase of your life is an opportunity for you to study and understand certain things about your partner and his or her people.

The tips listed in this article are important things anybody who is engaged in a relationship should be aware of.

Are you currently engaged in a relationship?

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