The Top 5 Romance Languages In The World Today

The Top 5 Romance Languages In The World Today

There are many spoken languages in the world today, some originated from other languages while some stand on their own as original language. Surprisingly, the top romance languages are derived from some original languages. It is believed that because of the inability of some certain people like the soldiers, settlers and merchants of the Roman Empire to properly speak the original languages, they opted for the vernacular of the original language, the one some called Vulgar language.

Top 5 Romance Languages

In the medieval literature of Western Europe, serious writing was usually in Latin, while popular tales, often focusing on love, were composed in the vernacular and came to be called “romances”.

In the world today, the top five most widely spoken romance languages by number of native speakers were Spanish (385 million), Portuguese (205 million), French (75 million), Italian (60 million), and Romanian (25 million). These five languages have Latin in their origin and that account for why they are the top romance languageSo that is it, the top five widely spoken romance languages. The languages of some of the powerful nations today are not there, country like the British, German, Chinese, Japanese etc. This does not mean that they are not romantic in those countries but what we are try to draw out here is the romantic nature of the top five languages in the world.

Did you think that this is not correct? Do you believe that your country language should have been included? Please use the comment form below to tell us what you think and your view in particular will be much appreciated.

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    1. Not really Marko, the research I read says it about 350 million, though I’m not taking it to be the most accurate of all statistic but even with similar ones, they are almost at per. Thanks for dropping by anyway.

  1. Portuguese speakers are in the unique position of being able to understand spanish without necessarily having to study it. If you know portuguese, for oral understanding you are 85% of the way there with spanish, 50% with italian and 20% with french. For written intelligibilty, 95% with spanish, 70% with italian, 55% with french.

    Right now there are 260 million portuguese speakers spread out all over the world. Portuguese is officially spoken in 10 countries, on 5 continents. Portuguese is the 5th most spoken language in the world, ahead of french, german, japanese, italian, etc.

    1. Thanks Tony for the information, I really appreciate the full details about Portuguese language, I couldn’t have said it better.

      Thanks for dropping by.


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