The Phenomenon of Love: Why Opposites Attract

At the beginning of a relationship, everything is usually very good: the body produces hormones that convince you that it is with this person that you should dig into blankets of love and produce offspring.

It takes a little time, and you begin to delve into the new world with curiosity. After all, a new person in your life is a whole world that has yet to be explored.

When people are similar to each other, they feel good together. If you like the same films, listen to similar music, and do the same kind of sport, this is cool. But it is better for you to be friends. Common interests and hobbies are great but only in the early stages of a relationship.


Then it gets boring because both of you do not learn anything new from each other, and you eventually become competitors. And it can hardly be called love. If two phlegmatic people come together, they are sucked into a quagmire of sluggish, dull relationships and sluggishly go with the stream until they meet someone who can get the adrenalin going.

Opposites attract because you are curious. This is really a new and completely different world. It would seem that you do not have common sticking points, but on the first day of your acquaintance, you feel as if you have known each other forever.

Since you have no common hobbies, you dive into the hobbies and interests of your partner. First, you do it out of courtesy, and in order to spend more time together. Subsequently, you become involved in it and begin to understand radio-controlled helicopters, spinning, or English literature of the XIX century.

And you sincerely like to be so intellectual and surprise your acquaintances with the knowledge that you are not supposed to have because of your area of interest.

By and large, opposites attract to compensate each other. Similar people have a limited set of qualities for two, while opposites have a whole palette of tastes, feelings, and interests. They complement each other in order to “cure” the partner’s weaknesses with their positive influence or vice versa – spice a person up with a calm or shy character.

Opposites attract because they subconsciously admire those qualities of a loved one that they do not have themselves. Thus, we strive to compensate for our shortcomings and fill the voids, as well as to get inspiration. After all, relationships should inspire.

However, it happens that opposites blow the mind not only in a good way. It happens that a perfectionist falls in love with a sloven and suffers from scattered socks and turned blankets all his life.

And it happens almost always – one loves apple-pie order, and the other creates chaos around in a matter of seconds. One is a night owl, and the other is an early bird. One sorts clothes by colors, sizes, and seasons, constantly makes the bed “correctly,” and proves that each thing in the house has a certain place.

The desire of one to put a toothbrush at a certain angle every morning can drive another mad, as well as the reluctance of a partner to accept the rules of the game of the perfectionist.

Such behavior can be caused by a variety of reasons, up to childhood problems which include mommy issues symptoms. In this case, you should make concessions in order to keep the magic that you have. Over time, things that used to seem insane may become the most natural state for you. This is called harmony.

To maintain a romantic relationship, you need to achieve mutual understanding. You should remember those first feelings that made you come together and those moments when your mind was blown by the only thought of a loved one. This trick will eliminate a little annoyance from domestic discontent.

Love is so unpredictable. It is able to throw you into the arms of an absolutely unexpected person when you yourself do not understand why you see this face every time you close your eyes. After all, you are so different and not at all match each other.

But opposites attract for some reason. Perhaps this person is given to you precisely so that you could learn something from them and, in turn, teach them. Together you will create a whole world and even some of its inhabitants.

Find your opposite and be happy!

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