The Noble Topaz

This stone is classified as semi-precious. It varies in colors from amber-yellow and brown to rich blue and many colors. Transparent topazes are also available, but their price is lower than that of the colored topaz, as, after treatment, they do not differ much from the inexpensive quartz.

Noble Topaz

This stone has been known since the earliest times. Though it is semi-precious, it was given as an inlay for the jewelry of noble lords and even kings. The main deposits are in Brazil, Zimbabwe, Germany, and Australia. Smaller deposits are mined on the island of Sri Lanka, Ukraine, and Russia. 

Features, Color, and Cut

Topaz is practically a reference mineral. It is hard and tough, resistant to scratches, chips, and acids, and has valuable decorative qualities such as clarity and luster.

The value of topaz is hard to judge by eye. Any stone will be pretty transparent and shiny, with no cracks or visible flaws. Therefore, the main criteria for its evaluation are its color and size. The variety of colors of a stone has nothing to do with the additives, but it depends on the structure of the mineral’s crystal lattice. The most valuable stones are wine-yellow, pink, and blue.

But modern technology allows us to change the color of topaz artificially, influencing its structure by X-rays or heating the stone. Painting a pinkish-colored stone is exceptionally profitable, as it immediately raises its price because this color is scarce in nature. Unfortunately, topaz stones lose their coloring over time because of artificial treatment. After a few years, a topaz that has been artificially turned pink will fade and look like a small glass.

 A curious kind of stone is called a mystic. This is a variegated topaz whose facets shimmer in green and purple.

 The gem cutting also affects the value of the stone. Topaz lends itself very well to cutting and revealing itself in the most complicated faceting techniques. The more complex the cut, the more valuable it is.

Topaz is the stone for you if:

  • You want to enhance certain qualities of your zodiac sign. The wine-yellow hues of the stone suit Aries, Leo, Gemini, and Virgo; the blue hues suit Cancer and Scorpio.
  • You lack vitality. Blue topaz is said to positively affect the immune system, helping the body restore its defenses.
  • You fear the evil eye. It is believed that the mineral protects from evil spirits, spoilage, and the evil eye.
  • You want to develop your intuition. In ancient times, the topaz was considered a stone of enlightenment. Modern mystics recommend it as a talisman for investigators and criminalists.

How to Wear Topaz Jewelry?

Topaz is a trendy piece of jewelry not only for special occasions but also for every day. 

Clothing. This stone goes well with a business-style dress, classic or casual. Decorating your work suit with earrings with a petite topaz or a thin ring with a small stone is a great option. On the one hand, such an accessory can be considered discreet – it certainly will not distract you from the working atmosphere. And on the other hand, it stands out enough against the background of the usual business look and makes it less “obligatory”. Topaz will also look great with your casual clothes – you can choose gold dainty promise rings, earrings, or pendants of different styles with this stone. 

Colors. As we know, topaz can be of any color – from blue to bright orange. It means that a girl with any color type can choose her own stone! The general rules are as follows: 

  • For cold colors – cool shades (i.e., blue, gray, blue, or transparent topazes will do for Winter and Summer);
  • Warm shades for warm colors (Autumn and Spring look better with stones in sandy, yellow and orange tones);
  • Dark-haired, dark-eyed, swarthy girls will look better in bright, saturated hues;
  • A light platinum blonde needs pastel shades.

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