Technologies that Can Positively Impact the CBD Industry

The CBD industry has undergone drastic changes in recent years. What was once a relatively small industry that attracted very little attention is now one of the fastest growing in the world.

Technologies that Can Positively Impact the CBD Industry

The ever-changing legal status of cannabis and its derivatives is a big driving force behind these changes. The USA has seen the most considerable shift when it comes to the law governing CBD and hemp products, thanks to the passing of the Farm Bill in 2018.

However, these changes are reflected around the world in smaller ways that play a crucial role in shaping the CBD industry of the future. For example, the availability of products like delta 8 online is now considered the norm rather than the rare find that it used to be.

It is not just legal changes that have positively impacted the CBD industry. Advances in CBD and technologies have also been significant players in shaping the CBD industry of the future.

Technological steps have made hemp plants easier to grow, products cheaper to manufacture, and CBD more accessible to customers.

Read on for more on how technology is positively impacting the CBD industry and how it’s set to change the industry in the future.

Nano-Encapsulation Technology

One area that has been the focus of research is improving the bioavailability of CBD and, in turn, reducing the dosage an individual needs to consume to achieve effective results.

Nano-encapsulation technology is one of the most promising pieces of technology researchers currently have to improve CBD’s bioavailability.

Evidence suggests that in most orally consumed CBD products, only about 20% of the CBD makes its way into the body. Nanotechnology could drastically increase this percentage, making CBD a more efficient and cost-effective supplement.

Some brands have already fully embraced the idea of using nano-encapsulation technology. Options such as nano-CBD beverages and nano-CBD capsules are already widely available for customers.

Improved Growing Techniques

Technologies that Can Positively Impact the CBD Industry

One key reason CBD products are considered one of the more expensive dietary supplements is the expense involved in growing hemp.

Only a limited number of locations worldwide have optimal conditions for growing high-quality, CBD-rich hemp plants. Even in these locations, the quantity of plants that can be grown is limited by space, weather, and staffing.

Developing ways to grow hemp plants more efficiently has unsurprisingly been one of the main areas of research that has seen the most technological advancements.

The advances made over the last decade regarding LED lighting and indoor growing spaces have contributed hugely to the growth of the CBD industry. Cheaper, better quality LED lighting means that optimal growing conditions for hemp plants can be recreated indoors. This, in turn, has made it easier and cheaper to make CBD products available to everyone.

Online And App-Based Services

Not too long ago, CBD products were hard to find and often required venturing into a local health and wellness store and accepting their high price tags to enjoy the benefits of CBD.

Technology has changed every aspect of the CBD industry, including how people shop for CBD. While health and specialist food stores are still an option when purchasing CBD, they are not the only option, which helped to make pricing more competitive.

Many CBD products are purchased online or through CBD-focused apps. Thanks to changes in legislation, CBD products can now be sold online and shipped across the country just like any other food or supplement product.

Apps are also changing the way that people shop for CBD. Companies such as Buddy and Eaze are just two examples of apps that allow customers to purchase CBD and other hemp-related products and have them delivered straight to their door.

The idea of an app dedicated to ordering CBD, in much the same way one might order a pizza, is something that would have seemed alien even a few years ago. However, technology has made CBD widely available and normalized the idea of using it.

How Might Technology Change The CBD Industry In The Future?

Technologies that Can Positively Impact the CBD Industry

Technology has already dramatically impacted the CBD industry. Thanks to recent advances, CBD products are now viewed as a mainstream and easily accessible supplement.

However, there is still a great deal of research into CBD and technologies that can improve the CBD industry even more and build upon the advances that have already taken place.

Better technologies when it comes to growing hemp plants, manufacturing methods, and the way that products are processed within the body are areas that are still being researched and developed.

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