Reasons Why You Should Take A Per Diem Assignment

one of the nursing jobs that can give you time for work and time for yourself is the per diem nursing job. Per diem originated from a Greek word that means per day, per diem nurses can get a one-day assignment or can extend it to two days or more. This means they can only work for a few days and be free in the next few days.  Per diem nurse jobs are often handled by nurse staffing agencies, therefore if you work with them you can get more assignments. 

Take A Per Diem Assignment

Why Consider Per Diem Nursing Job

Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance is often hard to make happen due to the demands of the world. For instance, the bills keep on piling up and people have to work work work just to pay the bills. However, as everybody knows, every person deserves a break. As a nurse burnout and straight shift have been taking a toll on your body, so if you want to still practice your profession and get the time for yourself then a per diem nursing job can be good for you. In a per diem nursing job, you can get assignments for 3 days and be free for the next 3 days. There is flexibility in schedule that’s why you can choose not to work so you can spend time with your family or on other important matters.  

Per Diem Nursing Offers Unmatched Flexibility

Per diem nurses are allowed to decline assignments which means they can only work on the days they want to work. You will be managing your own schedule and just make sure to inform your agency about your updated schedule so they can find an assignment that fits your time. Plus working as a per diem nurse can expose you to different areas of the healthcare facility which can help enhance and broaden your skills. The challenges that you will encounter can make you more flexible in adapting to different working environments. 

Expand Your Nursing Skills and Knowledge

Working with the different medical teams now and then can teach you to easily adjust and be used to it. As a per diem nurse, you will be exposed to different working environments, different patients, different teams, and different cultures. Take advantage of this to grow your career as well as your character as an individual. With the people you will be mingling with you will learn from them and you can use this learning for your next assignments, also make sure to keep those connections since they can be helpful in your future employment and may even aid in advancing your career. 

Work For More Than One Hospital

You will have the opportunity to work with more than one hospital within a year. This means you can get the experience and exposure you need as a nurse to learn all the skills you need to upgrade your knowledge and skills. As a per dime nurse, you can aim to advance your career by taking the opportunity to discover what you are really good at and making this your specialization. As you get assigned to different hospitals you will be handling different medical cases and patients too. Use this opportunity to pinpoint what specialization you really want and go for it. 

Advantages of a Per Diem Nurse 

Higher pay

Per diem nurses gets a higher hourly pay compared with regular nurses. That’s why despite the fact that they get to work only for a few days and take a rest for more days they still choose to become per diem nurses. A per diem nurse who gets enough assignments can be able to earn the same annual earnings a regular nurse can have or even more since they are paid more. 

Keep your license Active

Per diem nurses can keep their licenses active despite not working for a long time since they are allowed to take a break and come back when they are ready. Regular nurses have to take a leave but for a limited time only otherwise they can lose their job. 

Opportunity to travel 

Per diem nurses are not only assigned in a local area they can also be assigned almost anywhere in the country. Therefore this can be a good way to visit places you have never been to and explore them. If you’re interested in learning how to become a travel nurse, looking into per diem nursing options may be a good idea. Traveling and working at the same time is often not possible with other jobs, but with per diem jobs it is possible.

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