How Can You Surprise Your Best Friends on Birthdays?

Birthdays are meant to be celebrated with a lot of zest and enthusiasm. People across the globe celebrate their and the birthdays of their loved ones in various different ways! Some opt for a themed party, some plan destination birthdays while some choose to stay at home and actually cherish life. 

Surprise Your Best Friends on Birthdays

So, to decide a type of birthday party to throw, one needs to know the personality of a person! This is why we often plan birthday parties for our loved ones and friends, it’s because we know their interests and likes. Knowing the interests of a friend or a loved one not only allows you to decide on a theme or type of party but avoid mistakes as well. 

Hence, if your friend’s birthday is around the corner, there are some significant things you can do to take the birthday party up a notch higher! This can make it a memorable event that you and your group of friends will rejoice in the future. 

Let us, therefore, check out a few tips as to how you can surprise your best friends on their birthdays.

1. Birthday video messages

While it has become quite the trend these days, it most definitely works. Coming up with a warm birthday video message won’t just take your best friend by surprise, but it can be preserved for the future as well. For this purpose, you can have your other friends and family record a video and play it at the time of dinner, or at a time when everyone is in the room! Video messages can also work for those friends who couldn’t physically be present at the party. 

It requires just a simple process to curate a special birthday video message with Celebrate that will help you avoid rookie mistakes and create a genuinely commendable video. Check here how to make a birthday video compilation for your best friend.

Step 1: Creating an event page

Simply create an account and event page for the birthday person. Then you need to create an invitation link for sending to all the ones contributing to the video. 

Step 2: Organizing videos

The second most important step after you’ve sent an invitation link to everybody and everyone has recorded their piece is to check the submitted video messages and photos on your account clipboard. Pick the best ones and “drag and drop’ them on your timeline, where you can arrange, edit and preview these birthday videos in any order of your choice. Now, since you know your best friend, probably better than most, you know what they’d like or not. 

Step 3: Adding customized text and music to the video

A lot of people are creative, but the only thing holding them back is the complexity of the software! So, once you know how to go about handling it, there’s no looking back. Along with customized text, you can also add background music from any of the selections from the songs’ library. If your song isn’t on the list, there’s an option of uploading a tune as well! 

Step 4: Processing the video

One of the final steps is to merge all these clips on your timeline into one great HD video. Further, the processing will take up to 5 minutes, after which you’re ready to go. You can share this video with your family and friends, have them forward it and even post it on social media platforms. This is a great way of announcing the birthday of your best friend and surprising them on their special day.

Why choose Celebrate for special occasions?

To choose Celebrate is to choose a combination of an easy interface and wonderful features. So, when you’re creating meaningful videos, you don’t want anything to go wrong. For this purpose, celebrate offers tools and features that can be used by anyone, with any level of technical skills. You don’t have to be a tech-savvy person.

Further, there’s a wide spectrum of colors, fonts and styles and music available on this platform. What sets it apart is the ability to create personalized videos with ease, which not every platform offers!

2. A trip down memory lane

If you and your best friend have common childhood memories, you can gift it to them! For instance, if collecting coins was one of your childhood hobbies, you can gift your best friend such a collection of coins to surprise them. 

3. An unplanned trip

When was the last time you went on a trip with your friends?

This is perhaps the most revered idea among a group of friends, and the best one if you want to surprise your best friend. You can have everything planned, tickets and hotels booked, and announce it on their birthday! 

Going on a memorable trip with your best childhood friends is not something everyone experiences. So, if you’re one such lucky person, you may want to try it out.


There’s no ‘ideal gift’ when it comes to friends, it completely depends on your friend’s personality. So, if you have something in mind, you can go ahead with it. But for those who want to try out newer things available on the internet these days, they can try out to create amazing and meaningful videos for their best friend and surprise them.

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