Some surgical procedures trending in 2021

Plastic surgery is growing in prominence every passing year. Nowadays, women are not only the ones going for cosmetic surgery. Even men are contributing to the expansion of cosmetic procedures. Below are certain common types of plastic surgery that have become popular worldwide.

surgical procedures trending


 It is a surgical procedure that leads to the dissolution of fat from specific target areas of the body to give you more shape and a slimmer silhouette. However, before opting for the procedure, you must understand different types of liposuction. The most popular type is the procedure where fat gets suctioned out of the body with the help of metal instruments called cannulas.

Breast augmentation procedures

 Nowadays, many women have become conscious about how they look, affecting their overall confidence. As such, breast augmentation surgeries have become famous all over the world. Women go for the surgery to enlarge breasts or replace the breast that is absent due to some other surgery or even correct asymmetrical breasts and bring them to equal size. Some women also go for surgeries to enhance the natural size of the breast. Many surgeons use silicone implants. Implants have become highly popular in the glamour industry.  It has limited downtime; thus, you can resume normal activities in a few weeks.


It is a tummy tuck procedure that removes excess loose skin from the lower abdominal area and tightens the skin of that area. People with excessive loose skin due to pregnancy opt for it. People who have lost substantial body weight after other surgeries like bariatric surgery also find it suitable. You can resume normal activities in three weeks, but you have to limit your strenuous physical activity for an extended period.

Breast reduction

 Some women also go for breast reduction surgery, and the benefits go beyond just getting an improved appearance. Many women find it challenging to buy tight-fitting clothes, and they sometimes also experience neck pain and chronic pain due to heavy breasts and poor posture. Such women go for breast reduction surgeries that would reduce the weight and the size of the breast, relieving back pain and improving the posture. It is a permanent surgery that will perpetually correctly disproportionate the breast, and you can resume normal activities within two weeks.

Forehead lift

 Nowadays, many men and women are going for a forehead lift at Stratus Plastic Surgery. Similar to a facelift that makes the forehead appear tighter, removing creases and wrinkles. The procedure also includes correcting drooping eyebrows and reducing frown lines to enhance the facial features. People going for forwarding lifts also get elevated eyebrows which add to a more youthful and alert appearance. You can resume regular activity within ten days of the surgery. However, you need to consult your doctor to avoid hassles after the surgery.

The main aim of every plastic surgery is to improve the person’s appearance to help you get back your confidence. If any part of the person’s body gets damaged, you can go for reconstructive plastic surgeries to resume your normal activities without feeling low or inferior.

Many women go for breast surgeries after cancer, and some even go for breast reduction surgeries after pregnancy to get back their previous bodies and lost confidence.

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