Supporting Your Partner Through Hard Times

Supporting Your Partner Through Hard Times; How to Do That.

The news is all over the place concerning Angelina Jolies health, but one thing stand, despite all the news, the man in his life stand firm with her and ready to go with her wherever the health issues will take her to. This is supporting your partner through hard times and it is encourage in every family to support your partner always, no matter the circumstance.

Supporting Your Partner Through Hard TimesHere is Angelina Jolie health news story developing into something everyone should learn how to support their partner when hard times come knocking.

As Angelina and Brad face the pain of her double mastectomy, what can we learn about being there for your partner?

What with all the red carpets, the jet set lifestyles and multi-million pound country piles, it can be easy to forget that Angelina Jolie and Brad really are just like the rest of us underneath.

And never was that more evident than when Angelina announced she’d bravely undertaken a double mastectomy, after doctors said it would cut her risk of breast cancer from 87 per cent to five.

Despite all the Hollywood trappings, the couple are not immune to the ravages of fate. They’re not immune to the terrible life choices we all have to face.

And what’s more, they’re not immune to how tough it is to battle through something like that as a couple.

Brad might have uttered some of the most immortal lines in cinema history, but you can be sure that when Ange told him of her decision, he struggled to find the right words.

How do you sound supportive but not patronising? How do you comfort but not overwhelm? How do you sympathise but not sound flippant?

Empathy is one of the most important personality traits in any walk of life, but between you and your partner, it’s non-negotiable. It starts with asking how someone’s day was, knowing when they’re tired and picking up when they need an unprompted hug.

But with time, and with the obstacles these passing years will inevitably throw at you, it has to grow to more; until you don’t just see your loved one’s pain, you feel it too.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you pretend you’re suffering as deeply as your partner when something like this bulldozes into your lives – they’ll always have the exclusive claim on that.

But it does mean you should be aware enough of their emotional pattern to know how they’ll react to something.

If you’ve always talked to them about the little things, like how they missed the last train or how unfair their boss is, you’ll instinctively know whether they respond to bad news by being angry, sad, lonely, or frustrated.

From that, you can then gauge if you support them by talking to them, listening to them, or being their emotional punch-bag.

Alternatively, you can take Brad’s tack and support them simply by reminding them how incredible they are. ‘I find Angie’s choice, as well as so many others like her, absolutely heroic,’ he told newspapers this week. Maybe finding the right thing to say wasn’t so impossible after all…. Yahoo

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