Strategies to Make Your Man More Romantic

Strategies to Make Your Man More Romantic

Though romance has the same meaning or definition but different person experiences it differently and that can be attributed to what each person consider to be romantic. The first thing here is to ask yourself what romance mean to you or how do you consider some certain act or play from your man to be romantic.

Strategies to Make Your Man More RomanticSince romance play a very important role in the life of people in relationship, dating and marriage, it is essential you strategize your own ways of making your man more romantic and enjoy that vital aspect of your relationship.

Use these few points to plan your ways into your man heart the way you want him to be romantic so that your relationship will not be deprived of anything romance in it.

Give your own definition of romance to him

Do you want him to give you more of his time and be at home with you more than his work or friends? Maybe cooking meal together with you is so romantic or spoon-feeding one another at dinner is one of the best romantic things to you. You need to first of all determine what romantic gesture you want from your man and once that is done, you’ll be able to make him align with your idea and make your man more romantic according to your own taste.

Give him a better picture of your need

Make your need known to him through communication (verbal and body language), you see, men something may not actually get you or understand what you want if you don’t communicate it with him using the right channel. The important thing here is the way you tell him about your romantic want, never you use an accusation tone or words in expressing your want. Your communication will be better this way if you tell him that “I would really love to go out and spend more time with you” rather than communicating it through words like this “you don’t even take me out anymore this day but why”. I hope you can see the different clearly here; the first statement won’t put him under much any blame or whatsoever and he won’t place him on the spot as well.

Don’t wait for him all the time, get it started by you

One of the mistake women make something is that, they wait for their men to always initiate some romantic outing or gesture that they secretly desire in their mind. For you to make your man more romantic, you will have to initiate some of your desire romance and not wait for him to get it started. It may even get boring when he’s the one bringing it up every time and he may fall into some certain type of gesture and keeps on repeating it over and over again. Why not initiate it, seduce him out and plan unexpected outing, make reservation in some places you consider romantic when you’re there with your man. The point here is that, the more you do this thing, the better he understand your desire for more dynamic romantic gesture and see the merit of that your wonderful extra romance.

Encourage him to do more of what he does for romance

Because everyone’s idea of romance is different, your man too has different idea about romance than yours and the best thing you can do in this way is to encourage him to do more of what he consider to be romantic. Though his idea may not be too romantic to you all the time but your support and meeting him half way could spark any other romantic dimension in your relationship, thereby making your man more romantic.

Following the ideas above, you will see a difference in the way your man carried out his romantic gesture and everything will be attune to your own romantic taste just as the way you want.

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