How To Stay Calm Through Mindfulness When Disagreeing With Your Partner

How To Stay Calm Through Mindfulness When Disagreeing With Your Partner

Every day we are busy with one task or the other and we often time find it difficult to reflect on our daily activities when our mind is full. Learning to be calm through mindfulness is one of the ways to keep calm even when we are under pressure.

This approach of being mindful has been identified to help partners in relationship get over argument and each person can be able to reflect on his or her action. When your mind is full, you can’t possibly think of something else and you won’t be able to keep calm when you’re disagreeing with your partner. You should note that, mindfulness is just the opposite of “Mind Full,” and you can use mindfulness to stay calm and greatly reduce pressure on yourself.

How To Stay Calm Through Mindfulness When Disagreeing With Your PartnerTo learn how to use mindfulness to stay calm and reduce stress, use these simple activities to learn to slow down and you can even practice is within few minutes (5 minutes) in a day and this can help you to pay close attention to what’s going on within you and which will also help you to improve mental clarity as well as being productive.

Take a deep breath

When you take a deep breath, you’ll be able to calm yourself and take notice of your surrounding much better. This can be done either on your sit or on your feet, but standing on your feet is my favourite. What I do is to stand on my feet, take a deep breath and raised my two hands up. When I’m about to breath out, the hands are lowered slowly at the same rate at which it is being raised up. Doing this form of exercise will help to stay calm and be mindful.

Closing of eyes

Closing your eyes sometimes help you to stay focused and block out simulations and also help you to refine your non-visual awareness. This will help you to stay calm when you’re being mindful and aware of yourself.

Hand exercise

With hand exercise, all you need to do is just to grasp your hand slightly for some seconds, maybe like 5seconds and then, you release the hand and pay a special attention or notice how your hand feel. Ensure you keep your attention focused on that particular feeling as long as you can. This exercise helps you to get out your head into your physical awareness.

Singing along your favourite music

Sometimes, when we devote our time to singing a song, especially songs that are our favourites, we tend to get focused to savour every meaningful words coming out of such song. Singing a favourite music is a kind of mindfulness exercise, because it helps us to pay attention to our feelings, and sometimes we do experience some kind of emotion depending on the kind of music we are singing along with, which in most cases, can keep us calm and get us the relieve we actually need when we might have been stressed up. If the emotion is good, savour it and let it carry you throughout the day.

Using any of these exercises will greatly help you to be calm when you’re under any kind of pressure or when you’re under stress as a result of argument with your significant other.

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