The Sound of Love & the Sound of Soul – Music!

The Sound of Love & the Sound of Soul – Music!

It’s always said that you can’t get enough words to express your feelings, especially if you are in love.  Every one of us can’t be a writer or a poet and this is the reason why we don’t get exact word to express our feelings. Being nervous in front of the person we feel for is another reason because of which we are unable to tell exactly what we feel. Music can speak for you even when your words fail to explain your feelings.

The Sound of Love & the Sound of SoulOne thing which can help you in such situation is the sweetest melodies and awesome lines of music poetry. All you need to do is choose your favorite song that expresses you feelings well and send it as a gift to the person you love a lot. In this way, you surely won’t need anything to talk and your loved one will come to know exactly your feeling.

Moreover, music is the main thing about which couples used to talk mostly. When you will listen to the favorite music of your girl friend or boy friend or about the band he/she likes the most, you would come to know the exactly about her feelings. I am saying this because playlist is the factor which portrays someone’s personality generally. Listen carefully to the lyrics of songs your loved one’s likes and try to pretend in front of her in way those lyrics portrays. By doing so, your love life will start to cherish.

If you and your partner come with music similarities, your bond of love will get stronger but if not, keep sharing your music interest with your partner and figure out the common things. When you will come to know about the common things you and your love one likes, you will become able to figure out exactly what you need to do to make your relationship stronger.

Fights are the common parts of sweet relationships. If you get in a fight with your girl friend sending her a sorrowful melody can help you a lot. Moreover, when you are on a long drive with your love, playing her favorite music will make her fall in love more and attending music concerts together will also put a good sign on your GF or BF.

On the other hand, if you don’t have a girl friend yet, share your awesome playlist with the girls and you can have lots of G.Fs in this way 😉 . This is because girls mostly get shatter on the words which you play for them. By having an awesome play list you can become the most loved guy on earth. By taking ideas from such songs, if you would start making your own choreographies or your own compositions, you can become the celebrity person of your group.

Music even has healing power as it cure your heart when it got crushed. Hit of music is the only hit which doesn’t create pain in your heart, in fact you feel healed and cured after every hit of music. It touches your heart and nurses it back to the health. These are some secrets that can change your life totally. Please do like our Facebook Fan Page if you enjoy what you read here.

Author: Tanya Vandervort

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