Sing Your Way into the Heart of a Tween

parenting can be an impossible task.  You go from being your child’s hero to enemy in the matter of 10 years.  Before you know it, your kid is in junior high and they refuse to be seen with you.  You drop them off a block away from the school so they can walk with their friends.  Being seen with them in the mall would be absolutely traumatic.
So what now?  What is it that you can do to show them that you care but are not overbearing?  Sometimes all it takes is finding some sort of common ground.  However, every so often it takes a little bit more of you coming down to their level.
When your little darling was younger, all it took was their favorite cartoon and a new toy.  Well, things have changed.  Stuffed animals are not cool anymore. In fact, they are hidden in the closet when their friends sleep over.  Music, however, never goes out of style.  The perfect way to break the ice and create a common passion is music.

Even though children go through phases with their favorite color, cutest celeb crush or hair style, music is always cool.  Pay attention to what they like.  Are they heading down the classic rock genre or is your little girl begging you to buy the new Justin Bieber perfume. Either way, music serves as an access point to let them know you are paying attention.  When their birthday rolls around the bend, buy them their desired CD.  Take your youngster to see their favorite performer.  These memories will be ones that neither of you will forget. No matter whom you are or what you saw, everyone remembers their very first live show.  You are now the coolest parent on the block.

Once you have the musical respect of your child, you can then begin to showcase a little of your tastes. Though the talents of today have won the hearts of millions, the oldies are truly goodies.  Give them knowledge of what you grew up with.  This will give them a little taste of your past while also creating a bond that will last a lifetime. Who knows, maybe one day you’ll be able to take them to that Bob Dylan show after all.

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