Signs Your Boyfriend Loves You

What are some signs that your boyfriend loves you?

 Before going on, I want to discuss negative emotions and how these feelings relate to love.

Signs Your Boyfriend Loves You

Negative Emotions: The Dark Side of Love

During a relationship (or during the beginning stages of courtship and dating), many negative emotions and feelings can come up. If you’re already insecure, for example, and feel “too fat” to be worthy of the guy you happen to like, this insecurity will surface and likely become worse.

Dating and relationships can become a similar cycle of binging, starving yourself, patiently waiting for the next failure (or binge) and so on and so forth.

Other negative emotions that create tumultuous life experiences include: fear, jealousy, insecurity, sadness, longing, nostalgia, anger and many more.

Positive Emotional Experiences: How Do We Have One?

The answer is: by making it a point to make your well being and happiness a priority without relying on him to be OK.

The positive emotional experience of a relationship is normally enough to make the negative parts worth it. Or maybe you are just so in love with someone you can’t imagine life without the person. This makes you feel overwhelmed.

No Regrets

One of the worst feelings in a relationship is regret. Regretting something you said, did, didn’t do. Feeling like the person who once said that they loved you now barely utters the words.

While you used to cuddle and feel an electric sensation pulse through your veins as you fell asleep in each other’s arms, now it’s like two friends or strangers in the same bed just dealing with each other and going through the motions.

The answer to whether your boyfriend loves you or not

How do you deal with these extremely negative emotional experiences?

I have to say… it’s tough. But you must make an effort to either enter a relationship with a “healthy mindset” (i.e realize that nothing lasts forever and things could technically end any day – I wrote more on Vixen Daily You have to accept this and believe you will be OK even if the other person leaves you.

I’ve watched people crumble and fall apart when faced with a breakup. This breaks them and makes them grovel for their lost lover back. In the process of grovelling and begging, your self-esteem is lost and you lose yourself.

Once you do feel like you don’t recognize yourself anymore, friends ask what’s wrong with you, even your family mentions something is off… you still don’t question how much you love the person.


Because human emotions are messy. It’s not a perfect world where we can completely “be OK” if the love of our life leaves us.

All we can do as human beings is try our best to accept that breaking up truly is a possible outcome no matter how much you love the person. This will at least plant the idea in your mind and help you avoid the “we will live happily ever after” syndrome.

Now that we have gone over the main concepts, I’m going to end with a short list of key signs:

  • He tells you secrets
  • He asks for your opinion
  • He introduces you to his family and friends
  • He can’t help smiling around you

There you go. I hope you find what you are looking for.

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    Can you assist me,I always tried by all means to my partner how affectionately I love her.she did not convince me,but I love her the most

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