Set the Parties on Fire with Sexy Low Navel Chiffon Sarees

Set the Parties on Fire with Sexy Low Navel Chiffon Sarees

Sarees have been the quintessential Indian attire for women since time immemorial. Sarees could be draped in various ways according to the occasion, preference, and personality of the wearer.

Most contemporary Indian women adapt themselves to the ever-changing fashion trends especially relating to the style of wearing sarees. Low navel sarees, where the navel is on full display, are the current rage among the hot modern Indian women.

Many Indian women are puzzled and are wondering whether to show or to stay away from the naval exhibition. How do men react on this topic? Obviously, the gentlemen would love to ogle and are overjoyed with the unexpected dose of eye tonic.

SareesYou would certainly feel the mercury soar with women dressed sexily in low navel chiffon sarees with alluring backless blouses.

A really well-toned midsection, and attractive navel especially, pierced and adorned with delicate jewelry is a truly sensuous sight. The best way to flaunt a naval is to get draped sexily in a hot and sheer chiffon saree.

The see-through saree would be clinging to your body accentuating your curves and would make you look infinitely hotter.

Low Navel Chiffon Sarees: Bollywood Celebrities Show the Way

Low navel chiffon sarees are often used in Hindi movies to bring out the sensuousness of the demure Bollywood heroine.

Most Bollywood celebs look bewitchingly beautiful in low navel sarees not only on screen but also, when they attend Bollywood parties and functions. The hot ladies of Bollywood love to flaunt their beautiful navels.

The chiffon sarees with its soft texture, dazzling temperament, and exquisite variety are the hot favorite of every young Bollywood star. Low waist saree is a major crowd puller as far as Bollywood films are concerned.

Heroines mostly wear low navel sarees in beautiful song and dance sequences. This adds an element of delightful fashion and trendsetting creativity to the overall presentation of the song.

Straight off the Screen

Low navel chiffon sarees are great for party wear. They instantly add a hint of glamour to your overall personality. Chiffon is a lightweight and certainly feminine fabric that is ideal for party wear as it gives you a picture-perfect drape.

It is an exemplary blend of comfort and style. Most Bollywood divas love to flaunt their size zero figure in hot chiffon sarees especially when they are attending parties and functions.

However, the concept of low navel chiffon sarees teamed with hot backless cholis caught the fancy of the young and savvy Indian women straight from the Bollywood movies.

Kareena Kapoor set the stage on fire in the legendary red hot low navel chiffon saree and a sexy blouse in the song Chammak Challo from the movie Ra-one.

Who can ever forget the super-hot Priyanka Chopra in gold chiffon saree and a provocative backless blouse in the song desi girl from the Miami-based comedy Dostana? Sushmita Sen became a hot favorite overnight by playing the role of a sophisticated and sexy teacher draped in vibrant chiffons and hot blouses in Farah Khan’s blockbuster movie Main Hoon Na. Sushmita Sen’s black and red polka dot sari became an instant hit with the young crowd.

Bollywood’s tomboys get an instant makeover the moment they appear draped in low navel chiffon sarees with beautiful halter or noodle strap blouses. They instantaneously become the epitome of femininity.

For instance, Kajol in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. Kajol looked simply divine in a red chiffon saree and a fabulous lacy blouse. Bollywood fashion trends and outfits are known to go viral.


Chiffon sarees have always been very popular with the chic and sophisticated Indian women. Every smart woman in India is sure to have beautiful plain or one-colored chiffon in her saree collection.

Those who are in love with the fabric could wear amazing chiffon designer sarees in vibrant colors. Wear a chiffon saree today and flaunt your voluptuous body and unique style in parties and special occasions.

Author Bio: Roma Gupta is a Mumbai-based fashion designer who specializes in Bollywood style sarees in chiffons and georgettes. In her spare time, Roma enjoys blogging. Her blog posts are a sheer delight to the fashion conscious modern Indian women of today. She recommends reputed sites such as if you are looking for amazing party wear and contemporary ethnic jewelry.

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