How To Rock Matching Outfits As A Couple

There’s always something fun and romantic when you match outfits with your significant other. Some couples do look-alike dressing to express their love and present themselves as ‘couple goals.’ However, couples’ dressing doesn’t always have to be too explicit. For example, donning shirts with ‘his’ and ‘hers’ written on them.

Rock Matching Outfits As A Couple

If you are thinking of getting into this trend, you can keep it low-key and subtle to appear elegant. You may also opt to be unique and creative. Try this custom-made apparel and incorporate a design that is of significance to your relationship.

Want to learn more about how to dress best as a couple? This article will give you some tips for rocking different matching outfits without being boring.

Use Different Tones Of The Same Color

Although there is a rise in the cliché printed slogan T-shirt, you and your loved one can try different tones of the same outfit. For instance, you can opt for a chick-style with a monochromatic ensemble.

Stick to neutral colors such as black, beige, white, or earth tones to keep it classy. A good example includes central pairing gray pants with a light gray blouse and a dark gray bomber jacket.

The advantage of going with a different tone color combination is that any color can work, and you aren’t limited to any shades.

Style An Item In Different Ways

Being a couple doesn’t mean having the exact same style. However, you can still pair-up outfits to get that ‘couple goals’ effect while keeping your individual and differing tastes. Go back to the basics as this works for both sexes.

For instance, you can choose to dress in denim with the girl having denim trousers and a white shirt and the guy wearing a white tee with a denim jacket. This way, you would have used the same item in different ways- a play-up with the same fabric that is more subdued but still cohesive.  

Wear Identical Patterns

For a bold look, both you and your loved one can wear identical prints that will coordinate your outfits. Before choosing patterns, begin by settling on a similar print, then mix different sizes, shapes, and colors of the same design. Using DTF supplies, you can create a customised t-shirt with a twin shirt for your partner, or you can wear a jacket with large stripes and your loved one can wear a shirt with smaller stripes.

Avoid going with a complete look of the same print as it will look too busy and distracting.  For example, you can wear striped shirts of different colors to avoid being too similar and make you look like twins rather than a couple.

 Experiment with African Prints

You can coordinate your outfits by trying clothes with African prints. Also known as Ankara prints, this cotton fabric material has patterns that are inspired by the tribes and are used for clothes for casual and formal occasions.

How do you pull off this look? You can get matching hoodies and joggers with Ankara accents used on them as embellishment for a laid-back casual look. But for a formal event, the lady can dress in a floor-length Ankara dress with a high-slit that matches the print of your partner’s Ankara suit jacket. This is a creative way to dress up the classic black and white suit and gown combination.

Accessorize According To Your Outfits

Rock Matching Outfits As A Couple

Having accessories that match your partner’s will make you look put together. And by accessorizing right, you will add personality to both of your looks.

For instance, you can match the color of your dress to his pocket square for formal occasions. Avoid wearing identical outfits and aim at dressing at the same level. You can also try complementary colors like yellow, maroon, and teal.

Follow The Dress Code

As previously mentioned, ensure that you dress like you are both on the same level or attending the same event for a successful couple’s outfit. Following the dress code is the best way to do this.

Dress codes such as casual outfits or a theme like preppy will guide you in planning how to match your outfits flawlessly. For instance, if the dress code for an event is a black-tie, then the color of your dress should equal your date’s suit.

Always keep in mind that your outfits should flatter the event or environment.

Bottom Line

Gone are the days when couples wore printed T-shirts with their significant others’ names. Currently, partners can rock different matching outfits without seeming boring and too obvious.

You can also use different tones of the same outfit to complement each other. If you want to dress in the same item of clothing, style it in different ways according to your personal style and what fits each of you best. And if you opt for identical patterns, you can settle on identical prints that will harmonize your looks.

Remember, dressing up as a couple doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your own style. Take stock of your choices so you both feel comfortable and confident.

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  1. I love this post. My wife and enjoy when we happen to look coordinated and doing it on purpose is s great way to pay her a little subtle attention. Fun!

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