The Road to Rebuilding Trust after You’ve Cheated on Your Partner

The Road to Rebuilding Trust after You’ve Cheated on Your Partner

This article is not to encourage you to cheat on your partner and then looking for ways to earn his or her trust back again. If you do that, your partner’s too might just have read about what you’re going to read here and that might spell bigger doom for your relationship.

So avoid cheating in all totality or I’d rather put it this way, RUN away from it because there is every tendency that, it will ruin your relationship.

Of course not all cheating are real intention of the cheater, many people are lure into and if you cannot control yourself, you might fall heavily into the trap. But no matter how someone led you into it, it is suffice enough to say, you actually agree to partake in that detestable act that’ll make your partner go crazy about you.

The Road to Rebuilding Trust after You’ve Cheated on Your PartnerIf you intentionally cheat on your partner, you’re likely not worthy of that relationship, except maybe the two of you decided to use cheating as a payback to each other which is also not good for your relationship.

But if otherwise, my candid opinion is for you to be sincere about it and tell your partner before he or she knows, yes, there will be great annoyance but it will die down easier than if your partner get to know by himself or herself later.

The pointers below will help to navigate the road to rebuilding trust after you’ve cheated on your partner.

 Let your partner get the proof that you’ve ended the affair.

When trying to provide your partner with proof, the greatest mistake you can make is to set up a date with the person you’ve cheated with, yourself and your partner. This will cause you more trouble than you’ll ever bargain for in the process of rebuilding trust in your partner.

A better way of doing this is through phone call, text messages, email or Facebook, the most important thing here is to ensure the person you cheated with get your message clearly.

I know this is the hardest thing to do but it will help your partner to calm down a little bit, my best bet on this approach is to call the person you cheated with right there in the present of your partner, let your partner hear and understand your messages about how you’re ending that affair in that instant. It is a hard pill to swallow for both of you but you just have to swallow yours in a more remorseful manner.

Blame no one; just admit it’s all your fault

 No matter who push you into cheating, whether your partner has cheated on you before,  someone lure you into, or your partner do not satisfy you sexually which is the most common cause of cheating, accept the responsibility. It is your mistake and until you accept it that way, you’ll not be able to rebuild that trust in your partner again.

You’ve committed an act of betrayer, you deserve to face the consequence and resolve never again under any influences, whether internally or externally (like alcohol and drugs) cheat on your partner again. [Also Read; How to mend your cracked relationship]

Remember if you cheat on him or her again, there is a repercussion which will hunt you down, you’ll not go free, and you must pay dearly for it. It won’t be only losing your relationship but ending up meeting others who will cheat on you repeatedly and you might just be having a miserable relationship in your entire life. Admit your mistake and never go back into cheating on your partner again.

Learn to be patient with your partner as you’re being probed

Your partner get all the right to question and question you to his or her satisfaction, there will be great annoyance, frustration, accusation and tears, but your ability to keep calm and be patience with your partner will help you to resolve this heinous issue.

In all the questions you’ll be asked, make sure you’re honest and details about it, the more your partner understand how everything goes and not just fitting or imagine something to describe the situation, the less the feeling of frustration and emotional pain will be.

Ensure you avoid all patterns that’ll lead you to betray your partner again

Nobody is immune to mistake, all of us are going to make it in one way or the other, but failure to learn from it is just insanity. All roads leading to having an affair outside of your partner should be avoided totally. Don’t think you’ve master how to hold your body when the situation arise again, remember you have water and blood running in your body which mean, you may fall into your old patterns again and again if you don’t avoid it.

What you don’t want to eat, don’t even try to perceive it because you might be convinced to have a taste.

Rebuild your relationship gradually again

It takes longer time to build but very short time to destroy and might even take much longer time to rebuild. You shouldn’t expect your relationship to get back to where everything was looking beautiful in the part before the betrayer quickly. It going to take time, you’re going to rebuild it gradually and that’ll take lots of patient from you.

Seek for Professional assistance

If all else fail, seek for couple therapy, your reconciliation process might not work as you had planned, but seeking for professional help will assist you to achieve your goal of rebuilding trust in your partner in a more effective manner. [Read; Bad habits that will hurt your relationship]

There is no easier way to reconciliation when you cheat on your partner, your being unfaithful might just be once, but it will leave a long lasting effect in the heart of your partner if it is not adequately resolved with better trust.

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