Your Relationship Will Not Work If These 5 Signs Dominate It

Your Relationship Will Not Work If These 5 Signs Dominate It

The goal of everyone going into relationship is to have a healthy long lasting relationship, if possible without any hindrance. It is everyone prayer to get into a relationship that will work and set the path to a married life with little or no resistance.

Your Relationship Will Not Work If These 5 Signs Dominate However, there is no any relationship without obstacles. Since two different individuals will be coming together to share their life with each other, considering the fact that they are from different background, holding different value and differences in perception about life in general. There is bound to be misunderstanding between the two individual goings into relationship, but the ability to settle things together will make the relationship go a long way.

There are signs that prove to you that your relationship will work out and also there are signs that will stare you at your face telling you that the relationship you’re in now will not work for you in the long run that can lead into marriage. These signs that will not make your relationship to work is what you’re about to read in this post.

So, let get to know just 5 of the signs that show your relationship will not work

1. When your relationship communication goes southward

The bedrock of every successful relationship is good communication. When you and your significant other do not have effective communication with each other, when there is little or no communication about what is happening to either of you. Be sure that your relationship isn’t going to work except there is drastic improvement in your level of communication with each other.

2. When either of you no longer making time for each other

Once you realize that you’re no more a top priority in the life of the person you’re going into relationship with, chances are that you’re gradually fading out in the life of that person. No matter how difficult any situation you can find yourself, you’ll always put your significant other as one of your top priority, you’ll always find time to accommodate your partner into your own schedule. When you discover that you’re no longer in his or her priority, you will no longer happy in that relationship anymore. It is just time for you to call it quit.

3. When what you want in the relationship are not there anymore.

 Before going into any relationship of any kind, you would have determined what you want to achieve in that relationship and work towards making it a reality. But when these your needs are not being met anymore in your relationship, it is time to do check and balance, if you still want to continue with such relationship. When your need are not being met, you cannot enjoy the fun of every good relationship. You will not be supported emotionally anymore and you’ll be feeling discomfort within yourself. Just know that such relationship will not work out, your need are supposed to be met for you to enjoy the laughter and fun of a good relationship.

4. If you live with more disagreement in your relationship than agree with each other

Every good relationship will surely experience some form of disagreement here and there as the relationship progresses, and your ability to come to agreement in resolving issues will make the relationship to work out. But in a situation where you disagree more often than you agree on issues in your relationship, it will lead you to nowhere except discontinuing such relationship. You should disagree to agree but not disagree to continue disagreeing.

5. When nearly everything in the relationship is one sided

What this mean here is that, when one partner is showing commitment much more than the second partner. When one of the partner is acting like a host and the other person is acting like parasite. When you want to hear from your partner and showing much concern about him or her but she/he is not reciprocating such good attribute of a good relationship. These are all signs that show that your relationship is not going to work.

Once you notice any of these signs, and you try as much as you can to make it work out without giving up as the first appearance of any of these, it is just the right time to quit the relationship. Remember that, a broken relationship is much better that a broken marriage. Though you may be hurt for sometimes, but it is better to endure it now and look for the right person that will match your life and erase any hurt you may experience now as you embark on going separate ways.

It does not mean there is something wrong with either of you, is just that you’re not compatible for a good relationship.

Do you still know of any other signs that show that a particular relationship will not work out? Please feel free to share it with us and don’t forget to share this post with any of the social media icons below if you find this post interesting to you.

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