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Relationship Text Message QuotesYou and I know that we cannot do without relationship text message quotes. They are needed in our everyday relationship life. They help us to pass our true feelings to our partner and let them feel the love and passion we have for them.

Use the relationship text message quotes wisely and let your innermost desire fly to meet your love.

You learn to like someone when you find out what makes them laugh, but you can never truly love someone until you find out what makes them cry.

Love is always bestowed as a gift – freely, willingly ,and without expectation. We don’t love to be loved, we love to love.

Love is everything it’s cracked up to be. That’s why people are so cynical about it. It really is worth fighting for, risking everything for. And the trouble is, if you don’t risk everything, you risk even more.

It’s one of the greatest ironies of human existence that the more you love someone, the more you make yourself vulnerable in the pain of losing them. And the more people you love, the more you increase your chances of getting hurt. Yes, love makes you strong. But at the same time it leaves you defenceless.

There are things in life that you can’t hold on forever, no matter how much you fight for it. Sometimes, destiny isn’t always good, it becomes playful. When you met someone you learned to love, you thought that it was destiny that made your path cross. But what if making your paths cross is just a part of the game that the playful destiny creates? Making you realize in the end that the person you thought that was destined for you wasn’t really meant to stay, but only destined to make you feel loved and leave you when you’ve already fallen.

When a guy loves you, he’ll bring out your natural best. When a guy loves you, he’ll be proud even at your worst. When a guy loves you, he’ll say that you’re pretty even at your ugliest. When a guy loves you, he’ll never leave you especially at your weakest. When a guy loves you, he’ll never get even tired of caressing you. When a guy loves you, he’ll come back to you after you reject him. Because no matter how cruel the situation would be, if a guy really loves you, he’ll make a way even how hard it could be.

Some say, “It’s not love if you have doubts.” I say, “Sometimes, we just refuse to believe.” They say, “You can’t love somebody you haven’t met.” I say, “I haven’t met God but I love Him.”

Love always has its “errors.” Sometimes, we try to “refresh”, then realize that it’s best to “shutdown.” But the hardest part is to “restart” your life and “reformat” your heart!

Sometimes, you have to try not to care no matter how much you do. Because sometimes, you can mean nothing to someone who means everything to you. If we fall in love because someone makes us laugh, what happens when we no longer find them funny? If we fall in love because someone is beautiful, what happens when that beauty fades? If we fall in love because someone can provide for us, what happens when they lose their wealth? Because love defies all reasons, when you truly love someone, you just can’t find a reason, you just do.

Dolphins never separate from their mate when they find each other. Lovebirds die when their better half is dead. Us human? We can never tell if our partner is the right one for us. If things do not work out, we always have a choice, and that is to search for love all over again. Lucky are those who find love and contentment much as the dolphins and the lovebirds do.

When it comes to love, it’s hard to know if you have the right one. Many promises have been made, but still, lovers weep, and left in sorrow. Why? Because words can’t immortalize emotions. Remember this: You can love two people at the same time. But never at the same degree.

A philosopher said that hate is not the opposite of love. Hating your ex doesn’t mean you don’t love him/her anymore. The fact that you are giving him/her such intense emotions means he/she has an effect on you and he/she is still worth your attention. Apathy is the opposite lof ove. You can only say you’ve fallen out of love when you no longer care what he/she says or does. So how can you stop love? Unfortunately, you can’t. Love dies on its own. You’d just wake up one day and realize you’re over him/her. Don’t suppress and it will come naturally.

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1 thought on “Relationship Text Message Quotes For Your Loved Ones”

  1. Being happy with the person you love is the great climax of life. Do you know what climax means? It’s the best feeling and yet it’s the shortest.
    The leaves of trees just keep falling. Lesson? You can’t always keep someone to yourself forever. Sometimes, you have to let go. Yet, you have to remain standing, like trees do.
    Trying to forget someone you love is like trying to remember someone you never knew.
    Love is a song not only played on radio. Instead, it’s a song played in a person’s heart. If you’re in love, sing that song and go along because you might find out someone is also singing your song.
    If you really love someone, you wouldn’t have the heart to hurt that person no matter what it takes. You will always find a way to make her happy. That’s what constitutes love among people because love is absolute. You are overjoyed when you see her happy, that’s true love. Seeing happiness in her eyes is enough to prove what love is.
    Sometimes, it’s not about whom I deserve; it’s about who I want. Regrettably, the person I badly want turns out to be someone who just stole my heart away and left it out in the open to bleed. It’s unfair and at the same time, stupid. Because I did let her do so and for a moment, I actually liked the feeling of falling and being fooled. What is sad is that after the crying, when I’m already tired, I would still let her take my heart.
    You can close your eyes with the things you don’t want to see, but you can never close your heart with the things you don’t want to feel. Sad, but true.
    I’m sitting down smiling, as I remember I have a good friend, you. And I hope many years from now; I would still sit down, smiling for the same reason.
    One cannot question the existence of feelings; they are there undeniable. But one can choose to not nurture what is felt. Yet, no matter what they say, what has been felt will always be more honest than what was chosen. True realities are not built by the mind but by the heart.
    They say the sweetest word is “I love you.” and the hardest is “Goodbye.” But what if you discovered that he doesn’t really love you? Would you choose the bitterness of goodbye or choose the sweetest lie?
    You don’t force love to come in your life, for love comes freely and chooses no one. One day, you might wake up falling in love for the person you least expected!
    Love means trusting yourself with someone who has seen you at your worst and loves you in anyway. It means teasing each other and laughing at jokes nobody but only the two of you understands. It means feeling safe enough to talk about anything and having the patience to work out disagreements. It means counting on someone who sympathizes when you had a bad day, worries about you when you’re gone too long and always welcomes you with open arms no matter what.
    Love should never be a secret. If you keep something as complicated as love stored up inside, it will make you sick. – Spiderman.
    Don’t be afraid to be loved more than you can return. Be afraid that you didn’t give back the love that you can. Love need not be equal to be fair, it only needs to be true.
    Chance or choice? When you meet the right person to love at the right place and at the right time, that’s a chance. When you meet someone you’re attracted to, that’s a chance too. Being caught that there are many people out there who are more attractive, smarter, and richer than your mate and yet you decide to love your mate just the same, that’s a choice. Attraction comes to us by chance. But true love that lasts is truly a choice. Listen: Fate brings you together, but it is still up to you to make it happen. We may meet someone by chance, but loving and staying with that someone is still a choice.

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