The 5 Main Reasons Why Young Women Want A Sugar Daddy

In a conversation with the platform MySugardaddy, they revealed to us the main reasons why young women seek this type of men:

The term “Sugar Daddy” is no longer new to anyone. In recent years, it has been on everyone’s lips: on television, in newspapers, on the radio, and especially on the internet. Even in the latest blockbuster film “Barbie” directed by Greta Gerwig, which was released on July 20th, it is mentioned. And it seems that there was once a “Sugar Daddy Ken”.

reasons why young women want a Sugar Daddy

For those of you who are not up to date: it’s about a successful, wealthy man who is looking for a younger partner for a kind of relationship based on an agreement.

But what kind of agreement does this relationship entail? Quite simply – one where both parties benefit. And that’s the “Sugar Baby”.

The benefits for a Sugar Baby can be diverse: from travel, monthly allowances, assistance with rent or education to gifts. In return, the Sugar Daddy gets the company of a lively woman who takes him out of the daily routine. Together, they experience unforgettable moments and exciting adventures. And all of this is far from the commitment of a traditional relationship.

The trend is not so new. The term first appeared in a song by the American artist Artie Malvin in the 1930s, which later inspired a musical of the same name. Today, with the advent of the online dating era, the term has gained popularity again. Initially in the United States, it gradually spread until it also arrived in Europe.

Platform for finding a Sugar Daddy

One platform or app that offers the search for a lifestyle relationship is the German site MySugardaddy (M|SD), founded in 2010. According to their own information, it currently has more than 5.4 million users worldwide. According to the platform, 75 percent are women, and 25 percent are men, with an average age of 23 and 44, respectively.

“M|SD offers men and women all over the world the extraordinary freedom to choose and live the life they want. We are a community that promotes a sophisticated lifestyle, giving people access to unique experiences and the life of their dreams. We offer Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies the opportunity to develop independent relationships, just as they imagine them, so they get what they deserve,” the platform says.

But what are young women looking for in a Sugar Daddy?

When you look at these numbers, it’s clear that there are many young women who choose this type of relationship. But what are these women looking for in a Sugar Daddy? According to the platform, there is not just one reason.

The different reasons include:

  1. Financial security
  2. Luxurious experiences
  3. Having a mentor
  4. A mature man
  5. Emotional support

By financial security, they mean a man who covers their essential expenses or helps them out of a financial crisis. Regarding luxurious experiences, Sugar Babies say they are looking for someone who takes them on trips, invites them to expensive restaurants or events. On the other hand, there is the role of the mentor, who gives them the opportunity to rise from where they are and become successful. The experience, wisdom, and patience of a decent, protective man are another reason. In their opinion, older, more mature men know how to treat them like royalty. This also relates to the emotional support, which is not very different from a traditional relationship but is much more honest, direct, and modern.

“I downloaded the app out of curiosity and met a Sugar Daddy. The chemistry was right, and we started a dynamic relationship. He covered all my financial needs back then. Thanks to him, I could continue financing my studies. He also gave me some gifts and regularly invited me on vacation,” says Elena, who goes by a different name in real life.

It should be noted that in this type of relationship, where an agreement is made about the terms of the relationship, sexual intimacy is not obligatory and only occurs with mutual consent. Sugar daters stand out for respecting each other’s privacy and allowing them to lead an independent life, without ruling out the possibility of developing a long-term relationship.

About MySugardaddy

MySugardaddy is a dating app for Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies, a pioneer in lifestyle sharing. Founded in Germany 10 years ago, it has managed to position itself as the number 1 in the dating market that combines a unique lifestyle and luxury. With 18 domains in 6 languages, M|SD has gained great popularity in Europe, the USA, and Latin America.

In July 2023, the company launched the development of MyGaySugardaddy, with which they aim to conquer the dating market for the LGBTQ+ community.

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