5 Reasons He Is Scared Of Commitment

5 Reasons He Is Scared Of Commitment

If you have ever been in a relationship with a guy that is afraid of commitment, and he never want to take thing to the next level, then you’re about to know the 5 possible reasons why so many men don’t get committed and be preparing to take you to the next level.

It is even possible that you’ve married, why this man still put the ring on his finger, his behaviour shows lack of a man that’s really committed to your marriage. It seems his heart has not been made up before rushing into the marriage with you, there’s no solid foundation for the marriage and everything seems not to be right with your marriage.

In this post, I will be sharing with you 5 reasons he is scared of commitment and you can be able to work on these reasons by learning how the male mind work and use that to your advantage so that he can be committed to your relationship and marriage.

reasons he is scared of commitmentBut before going into these reasons, I want you to watch this video if you haven’t done that before. It is all about why men lose interest in relationship. Watch It Here.

In this short video which is an eye opener, it shows why most men lose interest in women they’ve once claimed to have loved, and how you can now be able to make him love you and make him yours and your only.

So, why do men lose interested in women, why do they fear commitment to a certain women they’ve dating over a year?

I have compiled 5 reasons he is scared of commitment and some of these reasons have nothing to do with you, it is just about him, whereas others, really concern you and you need to make amendment in other to get him committed to you.

1. You are too aggressive in your bid to get him committed.

You see, men will always believe it is their ideas to strongly hammer on commitment in the relationship. If you hit on it too aggressively, and maybe luckily for you, you get him committed that way and get him engaged, men tend to lose this commitment when they are supposed to mature into it. Because at this stage, resentment set in and this may lead to many of them losing interest in the relationship on the long run when they are supposed to have real commitment and faithfulness to the relationship or marriage.

I have seen some guys that have been in relationship with some ladies for over 3 years, only to see them engaged in some other ladies that they’ve not dated longer than 6 months. Then you can begin to wonder, what actually happen that they dump the girls they have been dating for years.

The real truth here is that, they find these new ladies less suffocating and they see the commitment stuff as their own idea without being under any pressure from the new ladies.

You can talk about commitment maybe once in a while but when you find yourself putting him under pressure every day, every week and every month, you’re doing more harm to yourself than good. Let him grow up to that stage and if he’s taking you too long a time, he is not the right guy for you, you just need to move on to someone out there who is ready to be committed without wasting much of your time.

2. He won’t commit if you don’t support his desire

Men won’t want to commit to a lady that cannot support their ambition, even though you may have a contrary opinion to his goals, you can’t just come into his life to have everything completely changed; no, it won’t work that way, you have to support him and gradually try to let him see other area in which his goal can be achieve faster.

This may look unimportant to you, but I will tell that, you can’t just mould him into the kind of man you want him to be. It will do you a lot of good when you try to support him and let him be the best version of himself.

3. Some men fear commitment because they’ve not grown up to that stage

The truth is that, men take longer time to get mature, unlike women; men will have to get to certain level of maturity before even talking about commitment. Anything less than this, it won’t work out as it’s supposed to be.

So, if a man has not grown up yet, there’s no way he can be committed to you, he may be in the relationship with you but when it’s about commitment, he hasn’t gotten there yet. When a man is immature, he will find it difficult to put other people’s view above his own.

4. He fear being committed to you because there is someone else somewhere

I don’t pray this point for you, but it is far too common that anyone can dismiss this reality. When a man has someone else and still has you, he will in most time be in a state of confusion. The choice of which of you to choose is a problem to him right now.

Someone else is on him mind and thus leaving him in a total confuse mind about who he’s going to commit his future. It is even possible that, the thought of his ex – girlfriend is not giving him the chance to really think of being committed to you

5. Commitment is of less priority to him right now

Some men actually want to commit to you but they feel, being committed to you right now will not give them the more needed chance to face other areas they feel is of more concern according to how they rate their priorities. It may be work, family or friends, committing to you right now, will take away lots of their time, the time spent with family and friend will be minimal when they commit to you because you will almost always want his attention.

I’m sure with these 5 reasons he is scared of commitment, you can be able to know where you’re faulty and where you need to make amendment and for the one that is not within your doing, you can make the decision of either to stay and allow him get there or find another man that’ll commit to you

Make sure you watch the short video HERE; you’re going to learn more on why men pull away instead of staying with you and planning to take it to the next level.

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