Real Life: The Life of a Military Wife

Real Life: The Life of a Military Wife

For woman who is married to a man in the military, you already know that it is going to be unlike any other relationship you may have been in in the past. You are going to encounter things that are unique to the life of a military wife, especially as you will run into situations where your spouse is going to be deployed for a certain length of time.

So, this little guide will help you understand what to expect with your life as a military life. Keep in mind that this little list barely scratches the surface of what to expect, but it does provide you with a small glimpse into what military life is like for a military wife.

It’s all about respect

Men and women who are in the military are trained to live a life with respect, dedication, and loyalty. So, no matter what choices your soldier may have made or will make in the future, it is your duty to support them no matter what. They will come to you for that extra bit of strength they may need to help them achieve their success.

Spousal careers are difficult

Military life are full of frequent relocations and deployment, spouses have a hard time maintaining their own career. Often times they will put their careers on hold so that they can be there for their spouse. It’s a good idea to have a career that offers you flexibility and can move around with you. You could think about careers with telecommuting opportunities or even freelance positions.

Communication is essential for marital success

One of the easiest ways for military folk to remain faithful to their spouse is by having open communication. You want to let your guy to know that you’re thinking about him all the time, so don’t hesitate to send them letters, packages, emails, phone calls, and pictures whenever you can. While they may not be there to watch your child take their first step, you can take a video of it and upload it for them to watch later. By doing whatever you can to keep them feeling like they are included in your life, you are ensuring that they know that though they aren’t around, they are still very much part of the family.

The military will always come first

One of the most important things a military spouse needs to understand is that the military will always come first. This means that they may not always be able to tell you about their specific assignments or they can always be there for an anniversary or a holiday. Though it will be hard to accept, it is one that many military families endure. You can find solace in this by reaching out to other military spouses and finding out how they deal with life as a military spouse.

Learn the lingo

By learning military language, you will save yourself some headaches and possible arguments with your soldier. It will help you understand what he’s talking about or even where he’s going, for example, when he talks about having a new TDY or how he needs the most recent LES, you’ll be more prepared.

Realize that you will be okay

For those who didn’t grow up in a military house hold, the whole military way of life is going to take some adjustment and getting used to. Yes, it will be hard sometimes, especially if you’ve had to move away from your friends and family, and you’re in a new country where you may not speak the language. But, you’ve got to remember that you have to be strong for your husband, but also for your children. The moment that you said “I Do,” your life is now tethered to that of a military man and you’re going to have to play by the military’s rules, in a sense anyway.

As scary as this world may be, it isn’t so bad. It takes a certain kind of person to be able to handle the ups and downs of military life, but with a strong military guy being your own personal hero, it’s worth it, don’t you think?

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