Are You Ready to Settle Down With Her?

Are You Ready to Settle Down With Her?

You think you have found her, your Ms Right, and started thinking of long term future with her. You’ve made up your mind to marry her and from your own end, it seems nothing will stop you from going ahead to marry her.

Are You Ready to Settle Down With HerAll that is fine, but you still need to check out these important points that every man should give a special consideration to before going ahead to marry their girlfriend.

A guy decision to go ahead and marry his girlfriend is 50% base on finding the right woman and the other 50% is based on the actually feelings of being ready for total commitment.

Marriage is a long term journey that requires total commitment with trusting, love, and sharing the ups and down that may come as the marriage journey progress.

Here are important points to consider before finally going ahead to settle down with her

Her imperfection means nothing to you

While you might have dated some girls in the past, their flaws are one of the reasons why you couldn’t continue with your relationship with them.

But now, you have the understanding that every girl is human and each person has their own imperfection just as every other guys too. In this case, if you could look past her imperfections and in fact they don’t bother you anytime your girlfriend exhibit the imperfect aspect of her life.

Things that ordinarily you will not accept, that is when you can truly say you’re ready for the long term commitment. If on the other hands, you’re still looking for the perfect or near perfect girl, because the entire ones you’ve seen have one flaws or the other, then you’re not ready to settle down.

Are you thinking of the future with her?

Since marriage is a journey into the future, have you been able to bring your girlfriend into your future plan? This is not about let us just begins the marriage journey first, and later we may begin to plan our future together.

For you to be sure that you’re really ready to settle down with her, you need to put her into your plans for the future.

Some of the planning I’m talking about here will include, your career goals, number of children, where you’re both to live, your life dreams compatibility and the compatibility of your faith.

All these are very important when thinking of your future with her as you want to journey together into long term commitment.

Your social life will be restricted somehow

Why you love going out with many people especially females you called just friends or colleagues. You freestyle as much as you want it without any woman getting annoyed about the way you go live your life.

It is possible for you to even leave your house and sleep in another friends place till the next morning before coming back to your house. All of this kind of life will be restricted when you get married.

Are you ready for it? When you marry her, you can’t socialize with a carefree attitude anymore. Someone is watching you and you need to live with caution if you don’t want trouble in your marriage.

Are you sure you’re stable enough?

If you’re not stable in your life, if you’re just trying to build your life, if your finances are still fluctuating and if you’re still probably have some unstable area in your life, it is better for you to shelve the ides of marriage right now.

Chances are that, you will not be stable if you go ahead and marry her. Remember it is a long term commitment, and if you enter it without stability on some important area of your life, you may have to face a lots of pressure because of the changes that will be fast coming.

So, you need to sit down and consider all of these important points before going ahead to settle down with her.

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