Premium Snapchat: The Good, The Bad, The Explicit

Unlike your regular Snapchat, the premium version allows you to share pictures and videos with only selected people. 

Furthermore, you can decide on an amount which these people have to pay to access your private content. 

premium snapchat good bad

How to Get Premium Snapchat?

If you visit your app store in search of premium Snapchat, you sure won’t find it. This is because premium Snapchat is not a separate app where you can have access to more filters. 

Premium Snapchat is like a privacy setting that you activate on your account. When you activate it, you will get paid by anyone who wants to view your private content. 

To get this premium feature, you need to download and install Snapchat on your device. After you have completed the registration process, go to settings and make it “my friends only”. 

The next step is to go to your contact settings and make them “my friends only” too. You can then go on to set the price which these people have to pay to view your explicit content.

How Does Premium Snapchat Work?

Premium Snapchat is just a feature, its users are not different from the people who use the main app. 

Activate the privacy setting on your Snapchat account to switch to premium. After you have activated the premium feature on your Snapchat account, what next? 

The Good

You need viewers to make money off your 18+ photos and videos. When you tell people you have a premium Snapchat, it automatically means you are sharing explicit content for cash. If these people are interested in viewing your private content, they will pay the amount you requested. In addition to this premium subscription, you also get paid for every view or screenshot of your post.

This payment is made directly into your account. You can use transaction methods like PayPal, MoneyGram, and other secure payment platforms to receive your money. Interestingly, you alone can decide how long a viewer can access your content after payment has been made.

The Bad

Premium Snapchat can be accessed by underaged people becuase the restrictions are determined by the person who operates the premium account. In some countries, Snapchat is not allowed because of this feature.  

The Explicit

The premium Snapchat can be used to share business or personal information among selected people. However, premium Snapchat is mostly associated with explicit content. 

Celebrities who own premium Snapchat accounts get to share their explicit photos and videos for a price. This means people who want to have access to these explicit contents must make a monthly subscription or a one-off payment. Interestingly, these celebrities make millions of dollars yearly through this means. 


Premium Snapchat is a feature made to protect your privacy. In addition, you can use it to decide who should have access to whatever you post on your Snapchat account. Even though some people use this premium feature for good purposes, others post explicit content in exchange for money. Visit to help you manage your social media account including Snapchat.

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