Why You Shouldn’t Substitute Positive Thinking For Positive Action

Why You Shouldn’t Substitute Positive Thinking For Positive Action

Thinking positive is not a new thing to many people, although sometimes, people may be reminded to always think positive thought. Positive thinking has been proven through many scientific researches, especially researches that have to do with psychology.

Positive thinking is in no doubt a better way to feel happy and comfortable within oneself. However, positive thinking does have the other side of the coin. Nobody may have told you about this before now, which mean you’re just reading about it for the first time.

Over exaggerated positive thinking can make you to believe your unrealistic ideology. Going around with unrealistic expectation in the name of positive thinking is detrimental. By the time you come into reality, you will be more frustrated with wasting your precious energy and occupying your thought with unrealistic expectation that becomes self-destructive.

Why You Shouldn’t Substitute Positive Thinking For Positive ActionIt is a fact that, optimistic people tend to enjoy increase marital blissfulness, with better health and even earn higher pay. What you are probably not told is that, they back up their realistic expectation with positive action.

Take for instance, when someone went for an interview and after the interview, he return home saying the interview didn’t went well. The family responded that, he should think positive thought. The family assume, thinking positive can help him to get the job, the family is not putting into consideration, the realistic expectation of the person that went for the interview. They thought as if thinking positive will influence the decision of the interviewer.

No, it doesn’t work that way. Optimism does not change the reality of the situation at hand. All the positive thinking in the whole wide world will not deliver fortune or prevent any calamity from happening. What is needed is positive action combine with positive thinking.

This does not mean you shouldn’t look on the brighter side of life with hope but you must back your optimism with positive action before you can realize your goal. So, don’t be deceived that, when you think positive, you’re going to get everything work out for you, that’s not a realistic expectation, being optimistic doesn’t prevent glitches.

To develop a realistic and yet optimistic ideology to help you achieve your goal, here is something you need to do.

Don’t underestimate the effort that is requires in achieving your goal, when you think positive about your idea, it is important you don’t try to avoid the hard work needed to achieve your set goal. You should rather think, you’re going to work hard to achieve your goal instead of thinking you’re going to be the best in your field.

Above all, you need to combine your positive thinking ability with a positive action and that is when you can be sure of getting a positive result.

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